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Best Lunch Boxes for Kids (& More!!) for Back to School


It is that time of year again! Back to School shopping and preparation don’t have to break the bank, or cause you to lose your mind.  When it comes to lunch boxes, the idea is to promote independence and good health.

I hope you enjoy this list of the best lunch boxes for kids covering vintage lunch boxes for boys and girls, tin, Japanese, stainless steel, toddlers, big kids, and backpack lunch boxes!

I also included lunch box accessories such as ice packs, thermos’, and water bottle ideas for kids.

The Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

The Best Lunch Boxes for Kids


Thermos for KidsBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

Instead of finding a heated, padded, or thermal lunch box for warm food, use a thermos!

Leak-Proof & Durable Bento Box by Bentgo

Bentgo Lunch Box for KidsBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

Pack your kids’ favorite foods in separate compartments for your kids to enjoy! Super neat and clean, y0ur child deserves this lunch box! I also love this super cool Bento Box but found many children had difficulty opening the stainless steel.  How cute are these Mini Animal Bento Picks??

Bento Box with Thermos

Bento Lunch Box by ThermosBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

This all-in-one is a good option for kids. There is a thermos insert that enables hot food to stay hot. So, hopefully, when you pack your child’s favorite hot food, it stays that way AND they actually eat it! It is easy to clean and has a few features not commonly available, such as you can use the insert for hot food or liquid, or take it out to fit other food. There is a divider to customize the compartments and keep food separate.

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Making Lunch for Kids Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

A young girl sitting in the kitchen with a pot.

Making school lunch doesn’t have to be something you dread. Keep it fun and light. Get the kids involved in food prep and chances are they will actually eat the food. Kids crave independence! Go ahead and let them peel their carrots and cut their cucumbers!  Young kids are capable of doing so much.

Get Organized!

Menu Planning – In order to help you out, I found this great list of lunch ideas for kids. In addition, if you need help organizing and prepping school lunch, check out this school lunch menu plan.

Lunch Box Labels – School labels are also a good idea, especially if your child has an allergy. Mabel’s Labels offers allergy specific customizable labels to put your mind and heart at ease. Also, check out these new Lunch Box Labels from Mabel’s Labels and their Back to School label bundle!

Personal Notes – Keep it fun & happy with these adorable customizable lunch box notes.

Mother cooking school lunch box set, Preparing healthy snacks - cheese sandwich with cucumber, carrot. nuts, fruits and vegetable in box.

Thermos Funtainer

Thermos Water Bottle for KidsBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

I have tried dozens of water bottles, expensive and not so expensive, and Thermos seems to nail it.  This particular water bottle is 27% off right now!  This product includes vacuum insulation, which creates an airless space between two walls virtually eliminating the convection process and temperature change. Although you can put warm liquids in this bottle, I recommend sticking to water, juice, or other yummy cold drinks.

Pro Tip: Keep Thermos replacement straws handy

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Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes

Ice Packs for KidsBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

These ice packs made a huge difference for my boys. Great for keeping yogurts cool, for example. These ice packs help to keep berries crisp, too. Not into the adorable penguin design? These ice packs are also great for your child!

Best Lunch Box for Toddlers

Lunch Box for ToddlersBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

I love this Bento lunch box for toddlers! It is easy for a toddler to open up and it comes with everything you need, such as an ice pack and utensils. This insulated lunch box is leak-proof, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Best Backpack Lunch Box

Dinosaur Backpack Lunch BoxBest Lunch Boxes for Kids

Check out this super cute backpack lunch box. It is convertible and works as an insulated lunch box and backpack for boys and girls. Plus, how cool is the dinosaur design? I like how the front pockets give easy access to kids.

Vintage Lunch Boxes

Vintage Lunch BoxBest Lunch Boxes for Kids
There are so many cool options for vintage tin lunch boxes. If your kid isn’t into Curious George, NASA, or a myriad of other designs, then you can always purchase a plain tin lunch box.

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