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5 Unique Children’s Books about Seeds


This list of children’s books about seeds is unique. I tried to think out of the box, to give you and your children a different connection to nature. I hope I succeeded in making that new connection for you.

a child holding seeds in her hands

Children’s Books about Seedschildren's books about seedschildren's books about seeds

#1 – A Seed Is Sleepychildren's books about seeds by Dianna Hutts Aston

I am a huge fan of this whole series of books, especially books about seeds. We adore A Rock is Lively by the same author. The good news for us is there are several other books within this series.

Children's Books about Seeds

The illustrations are inviting and melodic. The words are like poetry. Plus there are many wonderful, helpful learning to be had along the way. I especially appreciate the pages that reveal the names of many seeds and their respective plants. Connecting the two can often be difficult.

So, pull out seeds to examine with your child and read this book while you are doing it. You will be glad that you did.children's books about seeds

#2 – Seedschildren's books about seeds by Ken Robbins

This book about seeds belongs in every library whether at home or in a classroom. Children will view intricate illustrations with many facts about seeds and plants woven into the pages.

Books about Seeds

The writing is extremely approachable in that it is a “conversational” style. This style really gets the reader thinking about the topic. For example, why some seeds look different than others, and how some seeds grow differently than others.

Great things for adults to also ponder!

#3 – The Dandelion Seedchildren's books about seeds by Joseph Anthony

A simple, graceful book that will leave a child’s wanting to learn more about seeds. This book about seeds carries big lessons to children about courage and real fears. Besides that theme, children will begin this on the journey of the Dandelion Seed.

Children's Books about Seeds

You see, the dandelion does not want to go into the world. Then the dandelion discovers that the journey can be wonderful, and shares his wisdom. Many great lessons within these pages!

#4 – Berries, Nuts, And Seedschildren's books about seeds by Diane Burns

I am mildly obsessed with these “Take Along Guides”. The amount of information is perfect for younger children. Plus, the illustrations keep the topic interesting and desirable from a learning standpoint.

children's books about seeds

My sons love to read these guides at bedtime but also enjoy carrying them out to our backyard. Worth every penny to own these books in your at-home or classroom library. Loads of great tidbits!children's books about seedschildren's books about seeds

#5 – If You Hold a Seedchildren's books about seeds by Elly MacKay

This book is one of my all-time favorites! Just look at that cover. It alone is enough to pick up the book. The story weaves nature and dreams together in a magical way.

Children's Books about Seeds

The author speaks to character-building traits such as patience, gentleness, and being kind to yourself (and to a seed) awaiting an extraordinary blossoming event.

The artwork in this book is dreamy in itself. Elly MacKay is truly gifted in telling a story through pictures and poetry.

A child planting a seed

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