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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Kids


I am always looking for great ways to integrate culture into our home and our learning. This past weekend is a good example. Based on the Chinese Calendar, Sunday, September 30th was the Moon Festival.

mid-autumn festival

I love the idea of a Harvest Festival, generally. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Earth! I am kicking myself for not getting an image of the moon last night. It was nothing short of out of this world.

chinaactivitiesforkids e

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Kids

We read a book…

We drove to the International District in Seattle where we bought a Buddha and a set of Lantern lights for the boys’ quiet corner.

chinaforkids e

Then we went to a reputable Chinese Bakery to try Moon Cake. Then we checked out China on our world map and built an outline of China with our wooden Chinese blocks.

chinaactivitiesathome e

This week we are creating a resist Chinese flag. We read Amy Tan’s The Moon Lady, a perfect book to celebrate and learn about the Moon Festival. We also learned about the phases of the moon with these Montessori 3 part cards from Montessori Print Shop and this amazing moon laminated poster from Safari Ltd. We also learned random facts from the boys’ Mandarin teacher that in China people get 8 days paid vacation off and the government eliminates all highway tolls (which translates into major traffic jams).

Here is a wonderful post from Little Passports about the Mid-Autumn Festival equipped with activities and more. This post inspired us!

Thanks for reading…

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