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Unique & Fun Ways to Learn about the Eye


Learn about the Eye with these ten awesome activities about eyes! Today I began a unit on learning about the human eye. My four-year-old is certainly intrigued and asks questions I never imagined he’d ask.

Paying close attention and observing the child is key. He asked me questions about blind people and seeing-eye dogs. I would not have guessed out of all the facts that we’d be discussing and learning about the human eye that the inability to see would be what caught his interest.

Activities to Learn about the Eye


Children’s Books About Eyes

I always open a new topic with books. There are loads of wonderful books on the five senses and sight, generally. Books are the perfect jumping-off point to get kids excited about learning! Check out this children’s books about eyes list I created for my sons.

Photo Journal

Give your child the opportunity to tell a story through his eyes. My four-year-old enjoys taking photos and is quite good at it. Taking photos is about perspective and storytelling. The photos my son takes tell me a lot about him.

Cross-Section Model of the Eye

We love this material. Super hands-on, concrete learning at its best. Labeled well and easily used alongside nomenclature cards.

Parts of the Eye Craft

Super fun and simple craft to learn about how the pupil reacts in light and dark.

Why Do Cats Eyes Glow Activity

My boys loved this activity. Cats eyes are ridiculously cool and different from our own. Children love animals and will find this concept amazing.

Blindfold Walk

This activity is extremely versatile and great for outdoor learning and exploration. The activity can involve pairs and works social and emotional skills such as trust and instinct.

Types of Eyes

I made these Types of Eyes cards to more closely examine the differences (and similarities) of eyes across a wide range of animals

Parts of the Eye

These Parts of the Eye cards are from Montessori Printshop and are well done. Simply print on cardstock, cut, and laminate for safekeeping. To start I simply introduced the cards to illustrate the various parts of the eye using our cross-section model.

Then he will use the three-part card approach to match the card images and labels.

Mystery Bag

This activity is a traditional Montessori work found within Sensorial. So many wonderful variations are possible with this activity. Easy to put together, and kids love it!

Types of Glasses

Why do we need reading glasses? Goggles? Sunglasses? I created these Types of Glasses Nomenclature Cards (FREE) to begin the conversation about why we need to protect and care for our eyes.

Learning about the eye and the human body generally doesn’t have to be boring for children. These lessons are fun and exciting, inviting the child to want to learn more.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.