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24 Brilliant Classroom Hacks Every Teacher Should Know

Oh, yes, it is that time of year. You know that “why didn’t I think of that idea?” feeling? You know, the idea that would make your life in the classroom so much easier? Yeah, I know it, too. The good news is that I have got your back. I dug deep into the archives of the internet, vetted ideas, and came up with a rock star list of classroom hacks that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to read this post on how to make your classroom awesome!


  1. Use large dry-erase decals as dry erase board at each student’s space!
  2. Use Velcro to keep name tags secure. Check out this example from Sliding into First!
  3. Velcro your dry erase markers to the board
  4. Pom Poms on the end of dry erase markers? Yes, please.
  5. Cut straws in half or thirds, then tape down with duct tape. Push your pencil through it to secure the pencil to the desk!
  6. Glue sponges like this brilliant classroom hacks post from K Teacher Tiff
  7. Dry Erase tape. Need I say more?
  8. Book Doctor! For any book that is in need of repair, place it in a basket for the “book doctor.”
  9. Use Ikea frames for flip letter sound learning
  10. Sensory break bucket or basket filled with fidgets and other sensory tools for children seeking input (or output!)
  11. Magic piece of trash game is one I picked up recently. Choose an item as the magic item. Whoever picks up that piece throughout the day “wins” at the end of the day. It is oddly motivating as far as classroom hacks go.
  12. Magnetic spice jars for small classroom supplies like paper clips and push pins
  13. Implement non-verbal hand signals to indicate needs in the classroom. These non-verbal cards are free from Teachers Pay Teachers.
  14. Hanging shelf to organize construction paper and cardstock
  15. Hanging shoe organizer for miscellaneous supplies or materials
  16. Display magazines with a shower curtain rod and rings. Thanks to Lesley Carter for the image.
  17. Lazy Susan Craft organizer like this one from The Crafters File Box
  18. Take a photo of what the shelf should look like in order and place it on the shelf for kids to reference to organize
  19. Sharpened and unsharpened pencil jars like these jars from Teach, Bake, Love
  20. Use a toolbox to organize supplies
  21. Use an IKEA cart for art supplies and other misc goodies such as books
  22. Binder clips are your friends
  23. Mason Jar Chalkboard Organization. I love this chalkboard labels and have seen them at Michaels.
  24. Secure disinfecting wipes outside the classroom door.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas for your classroom!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.