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Sensorial Materials for Toddlers


Sensorial 3 Year Old

This post includes ideas fro Sensorial materials for toddlers. The other morning my 3 year old and I were in our garage choosing new books to rotate into our library. I saw him eye my large storage container marked Sensorial materials. He ran over to it and wanted in on it. I was at first annoyed and sighed but then I thought about it. He and his brother hadn’t touch the materials on their Sensorial shelves for weeks. I thought maybe we needed new sensorial materials? So, we dragged the container into our home. I let my sweet, curious toddler explore the contents. What I discovered by observing him was that he was enthralled with the early sensorial works, those materials perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers. I realized that maybe I had pushed lessons and materials on him when he wasn’t ready for the work.

Sensorial Materials for Toddlers

Sorting and Snapping

Melissa & Doug Sort & Snap Color Match is hugely popular in our home and it is the perfect sensorial activity for toddlers. Both my 3 and 4.5 year old love using the templates and snapping the corresponding colors into place. My 3 year old did at least four of the templates that morning. Great for fine motor skill development and for pattern work.

Pre-Sensorial Work Montessori

Creating Designs

Haba’s Geo Shape Hammering Material  is phenomenal. The product comes with various colored shapes, a thick cork board for hammering, a hammer perfect for little hands and small nails (these nails are extremely small actually. I didn’t expect it.). I place one color of shapes in a small bowl, the nails in a small dish, the hammer and the cork board on a tray. So, keep it simple. Then it is not so overwhelming for the younger children. This work is great for fine motor skill development and pre-sensorial work.


Smelling Bottles

I created Smelling Bottles last year with vanilla, lemon, strawberry and cinnamon. He could not get enough of them. First, we smelled each one. Then I worked with him to find pairs. I marked the pairs. It was fun to watch him check his work. Smelling Bottles are an easy and inexpensive DIY Montessori material. Smelling Bottles are another staple in a Montessori classroom. You can actually purchase this material at a reasonable price but making them on your own is really easy.


Sound Bottles

He loved the Sound Bottles too. I made these materials last year with simple items from around the house such as salt, beans and rice. I made four pairs from softest to loudest. Sound Bottles are a staple in a Montessori classroom.

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