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Exciting and Effective Ways to Teach Montessori Geography


Are you looking for an engaging way to teach Montessori geography to your students? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! With a little creativity and planning, teaching Montessori geography can be a fun and learning-filled experience for both students and educators alike.

In this blog post, we will discuss why it is important to introduce children to geographic concepts at an early age, tips on how to do so with a Montessori approach that emphasizes hands-on activities, as well as helpful resources available online that can really bring the subject alive.

So let’s get started – join us now in unpacking just how rewarding imparting knowledge around the world of geography through the teaching of Montessori methods can be!

Yes, there is a unique approach to Montessori Geography!

There are two main geography pieces within the Montessori Early Childhood classroom:  physical geography & political geography (also known as “culture”).

Begin with physical and then introduce political.

montessori geography

Montessori Geography

Montessori Geography Overview

When introducing geography to a child, I witnessed a lovely lesson using the tops of nesting boxes to depict the child’s place in the great, big universe. The largest box top was the universe ending with the smallest top representing the child.


Montessori Geography Sequence

From there, move to the Sandpaper Globe: “This is how we see the earth from the sky. This is land. This is water.” Here is a great Youtube video on how to give a Sandpaper Globe lesson. We don’t have sandpaper globes yet but I have introduced my son to geography.

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Typically, the World Map is introduced within the context of “political geography” after you’ve done work with landforms and climates. As I mentioned, I introduced the World Map after a few simple lessons on Land, Air & Water. We are working simultaneously on landform models and our World Continent Map. I will share our work with you as we move through it.

montessori geography sphere

Montessori Geography Lesson

Here is how Montessori introduces the World Map: “We live on Earth. The Earth is a Sphere.” I used our Cross-Section Earth Model and our Inflatable Earth Globe.

Then say: “We also use maps to show us places on Earth but maps are flat. They are not spheres. It is easier to use maps if they are flat. To make a map, we basically flatten a globe. I will show you this Earth. It is a sphere now but watch as I open the valve and let the air out. Now we flatten the globe.”

I pushed out all the air and flattened it on the ground and pointed out the continents. Then, I pulled out the World Puzzle Map.

montessori geography world map

To introduce the World Map, use your dominant hand, and using a 3-finger grip, grasp the knob and lift North America from the puzzle: “This is North America, where we live.” Place the inset down in front of the frame.

Trace the frame with my index finger. Then pick up the inset and trace the outline with my index finger.

montessori geography three finger grip

Finally, place the inset gently back into the frame. Do this for all the continent pieces. Occasionally refer back to the flattened globe. I took the opportunity to introduce the Control Map too. I demonstrated how to match the pieces.

Montessori Geography Extensions

There are a number of Montessori early childhood geography extensions with the continent map introducing language and fine motor skill work that I will share with you over the next few weeks.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.