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Earth Day Art Activity – Torn Paper Art Collage


earth day art activity

Most kids enjoy torn paper art projects because of the sensory aspect of it. The sound of the tearing paper and the smashing of the glue onto the board. This torn paper collage is a fun art project for kids at any point during the year!

We loved this Earth Day art project for a few reasons. The materials are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase, get us a little sticky, and involve sensory, practical life, and artwork.

Plus the project keeps children busy giving us adults an opportunity to speak about the importance of our relationship with the earth. A really great book to begin this project is called Brother Eagle, Sister Sky. For additional book ideas, check out this list of Earth Day Books.

materials for torn paper earth

Earth Day Art Activity

  • Search for a printable Earth outline and print out
  • Green & blue construction paper (we only used a half piece of each)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Card stock for background (optional)
torn paper earth process art

Earth Day Art Approach

  • Once you have your materials out, introduce the project: “Today we’re going to make earth!”
  • Invite the children to tear up the green and blue construction paper
torn paper earth day art project
  • Take out your glue stick and rub freely and liberally over the earth outline
  • Apply your torn paper with green on the land and blue on the water (allow the kids to be creative and apply the paper as they desire).
earth torn paper process art approach
  • Take the glue stick and rub over the torn paper to create a paste covering. Use fingers to rub into the paper.
  • Allow time to dry
  • Cut out earth outline, paste onto card stock & display
earth torn art final

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know how the project goes for you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.