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Easter Learning Sounds Activity for Preschoolers


As I have mentioned in prior posts, we’re deep into learning to read mode. I find it fascinating to observe our 3.5-year-old as he explores sounds and how they come together. I love it when he asks questions like: “does the number 3 start with an “F”, mom?” Well, no, but that means he is paying attention to the sounds, which is the important takeaway.  Or “mama, my name starts with a “Juh” and so does “giraffe’ but “giraffe” starts with a “G”, right mom?” Yes, sir. That is a tricky one for sure.


I love adding movement into our learning. Brain development benefits a great deal if we can incorporate movement into our children’s learning. So, here is a fun Easter themed Reading Readiness activity – integrating movement into the learning –  to do with your preschoolers.

Materials Need for this Sound Learning Activity

  • Straw or tweezer
  • Egg Carrying Tray
  • Marker or Small Letters
  • Pom Pom


Approach for the Sound Learning Activity

  • I called my 3.5-year-old over to me and explained the materials in a simple way: “Today we’re going to work on our sounds. This is an egg tray. This is a pom pom. This is a straw.”
  • Then I asked him for a word, any word, to which he replied, “Train!” Then I slowly picked up the straw, breathed in once in a very exaggerated way before I put my mouth on the straw and then sucked air up in through the straw to pick up the pom pom and place it into the egg slot marked with the letter “T”.
  • Then I asked if he would like a turn. I said, “Frog!” and he moved the pompom with his finger from the “T” to the “F”. The straw proved to difficult for him. So I replaced it with tweezers. Honestly using a 3 finger grip is great too but the tweezers add a little something to the activity.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.