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Simple Things To Do With Children’s Book Covers


Children’s book covers can be a source of inspiration for various engaging activities and learning opportunities. I am betting that you are like me and have loads of children’s books. Some of these books are beautifully made and come with too-good-to-throw-away book covers.

Of course, these book covers are meant to protect and stay on the book but alas that certainly isn’t the case in our home. So I decided we best put these gorgeous book covers to good use.

Here are some simple and enjoyable things you can do with children’s book covers:

Book Cover Art

What to Do With Children’s Book Covers

  1. Book Cover Scavenger Hunt: Create a book cover scavenger hunt by gathering several children’s book covers. Hide them around the house or classroom, and have children search for the covers. Once they find a cover, they can match it to the corresponding book or use it as a prompt for storytelling or discussion.
  2. Story Starters: Use book covers as story starters. Show a book cover to a child or a group of children and ask them to create a story based on what they see on the cover. Encourage their imagination to take flight and let them explore different characters, settings, and plotlines.
  3. Book Cover Art Gallery: Turn book covers into an art gallery display. Have children select their favorite book covers and create a display area on a wall or bulletin board. Arrange the covers neatly and invite children to add their own artwork, drawings, or descriptions inspired by the books.
  4. Book Cover Collage: Create a collaborative book cover collage by cutting out various book covers and arranging them on a large piece of paper or poster board. Encourage children to overlap, layer, and arrange the covers in creative ways. This collaborative art project can spark conversations about favorite books and authors.
  5. Design Your Own Book Cover: Provide blank sheets of paper or cardstock and art supplies such as markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Ask children to design their own book covers based on their favorite stories or create new stories from their imagination. They can create illustrations, write titles, and include their names as authors.
  6. Book Cover Comparison: Select two or more books with similar themes or styles, and display their covers side by side. Engage children in a discussion about the differences and similarities in the book covers. Encourage them to share their thoughts on why certain design elements were chosen and how the covers relate to the stories inside.
  7. Book Cover Bookmarks: Turn book covers into personalized bookmarks. Cut out a portion of a book cover, punch a hole at the top, and thread a ribbon or string through it. Children can decorate their bookmarks with their names, stickers, or drawings. This activity promotes a love for reading and encourages children to keep their place in their favorite books.

Other Ideas for Book Covers

Magnetic Puzzles

Inspired by No Time for Flashcards, this activity is a favorite of mine.

Frame as Artwork

I took to framing some of our favorite covers. The fun part of this approach is that we can rotate covers and artwork created by our family. We display four 10 x 10 frames hung in a square our activity area.

Book cover frame

Build Words or a Letter Matching Game

Cut up letters from the title and use the book to match the letter and make the words included in the title

Make Gift Wrap

Beautiful & Unique

book cover frame

First Words Box

There are typically adorable illustrations perfect for first words and sound learning.

book cover frame

Remember to handle book covers with care and seek permission before cutting or altering them. These simple activities provide opportunities for creativity, discussion, and appreciation of children’s literature.

They foster a love for books, storytelling, and artistic expression, making the book covers come alive in exciting and interactive ways.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.