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Easy & Inexpensive Kids Activity


easyinexpensivekidsactivityBy far the best kids activities are the ones that are organic and, best of all, created by your child.

This one is a great example. I was trying to get dinner together one afternoon when my toddler asked to help me. I always find a way to make that happen. So he pulled a stool over and began to help me first by exploring the random objects on the counter. Hhhmm…a mason jar…and hhmmm…a cap to a Melissa & Doug Spill Proof Paint Cup . At that same he pulled open a drawer and found our cork stash. I am not sure why but I have trouble throwing corks away. I manage to use them in projects here and there, like this Earth Day project.


He had already placed the paint cup cap on the jar. Then he grabbed the first cork. A perfect fit right through the hole (meant for a paint brush). Wow. He was thrilled and I was in awe of the simplicity of this activity. So I placed him on the floor with a bowl filled with corks and his new “toy”. I am excited for a variation, which is to color code the corks and make a sorting activity with the other Paint Cup caps.


Easy and inexpensive. Montessori teachers are taught to be observers of the classroom. If we take a moment to observe our child we will see greatness and drive to learn and to explore in ways we adults could never possibly dream of ourselves. Try it today. Observe your child. See what happens.  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.