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Easy Egg Sound Hunt


The sensitive period for learning language begins at birth. There is research that tells us this learning, especially learning sounds, begins in vitro.  Combining learning with something that engages the child (and his brain development!) works really well for us.

For example, getting a child to move his body even if it means walking across the room to place a puzzle piece instead of working on a puzzle in front of him is huge for our little spirits’ developing brains.


We’re knee deep in learning sounds in our home. I dug out our Spring and Easter supplies last weekend and discovered at least fifty plastic eggsplastic eggs for crafts. I also discovered leftover Foam Lettersfoam letters for crafts. Voila. Simple. Easy. Inexpensive. My kind of activity.


I took about 20 of the plastic eggs and grabbed letters to pop into the eggs. Then I placed the eggs in a basket and introduced the activity to my boys the next morning.

The idea is that the child opens the egg to discover a letter. Then he must seek out objects that begin with that sound.

This activity combines MOVEMENT and an ELEMENT OF SURPRISE to truly engage my boys on a deeper level. Plus we had loads of fun. I also like a variation of hiding the eggs to go on a Sound Hunt.

If you are seeking ways to integrate learning sounds into your home or classroom, click through to these preschool learning sounds posts and peruse the list below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.