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How to Make an Essential Oil Car Diffuser


A simple & sweet gift to yourself, teachers, friends, and family is a car diffuser made with essential oils. The creativity is the best part. Your child and you can cut the diffuser into any shape, add any essential oil, and decorations you see fit for the recipient.

Easy Craft for Kids

My sons truly enjoy my obsession with essential oils (get started here). They also enjoy creating generally and making gifts for the people in their lives. This post includes an easy approach on how to make a car diffuser with essential oils. Enjoy!

How to Make a Car Diffuser with Essential Oils

Diffuser for the Car

Materials needed to do this project are quite simple: scissors, yarn or twine (even a paper clip for hanging), felt, glue, diffuser pad, and essential oils.

Travel with Essential Oils

The approach to making the travel diffuser is equally as easy. Cut your felt into your desired shape, choose an essential oil, add a few drop of essential oil to the Diffuser Pad, glue with hot glue gun or your preferred glue, make a hole to slip yard, twine, or a paperclip through to hang appropriately in your car or other home away from home.

Homemade Diffuser with Essential Oils

My son gave his first creation to his teacher. She was equally flattered and pleased with such a thoughtful gift. Not only is the gift kid made but it includes the awesome benefits of essential oils!

Essential Oil Activities with Kids Diffuser DIY

The possibilities are endless with this project. Your child can be as creative as he wants to be in making this gift for a friend, teacher, or family member.

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Plus, there is the added bonus of a powerful sensory experience with smelling and learning about the essential oils used in creating the diffuser.  The perfect Mother’s Day and End of the Year Teacher’s Gift, this car diffuser will indeed make anyone happy! Have fun! I hope we inspired you today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.