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Unique Fall Practical Life Activities


So, as a Montessori teacher, I bet that you’re thinking about revamping your Practical Life Montessori shelves for this coming school year. How can you make your shelves interesting to you, and also meet the needs of your students? Here are a few ideas for your fall practical life Montessori shelves!

Fall Practical Life Shelves

Fresh Ideas for Montessori Fall Practical Life Shelves Practical Life Ideas with Pencil

Sharpening a Pencil

This one occurred to me when I didn’t have an extra hand to help my oldest child. I looked over and saw him working hard at the actual process of sharpening a pencil with a hand held sharpener. Brilliant. The children use pencils for so many of their works. this tray seems to be a seamless addition to the classroom.

Sponge or Pour Orange Colored Water

Kids love sponging and pouring water! So, why not add a bit of festive color to it?

Popcorn Lacing/Sewing

I am always shocked at how often I forget the smarts of this simple fine motor activity. It is expensive, a beautiful addition to the classroom, and a nice holiday activity.

Apple Bobbing

Scoop or tong apples floating in a container. This activity is not only simple and inexpensive, it introduces children to science concepts!

Equinox Sewing

The symbol of the star sign of libra for the autumn equinox is not that difficult of a design. Introduce children not only to the rotation of the earth but the cultural aspects of the equinox.

Sift Corn Kernels from Rice or Water

Potato Peeling

Wash & Peel Potatoes

I love this activity! You can substitute a variety of root vegetables. Scrubbing the vegetables leads to other wonderful practical life activities like peeling and slicing.

pine cone cutting

Cutting Cones Scissor Work

My sons truly appreciated this activity of the past few years. Cones that have fallen to the ground provides wonderful sensorial exploration. Deviating from the tradition scissor cutting work. cutting leaves of cones gives a different medium for children.

Opening a Pod and Deseeding

Counting Seeds from a Pod

In our case we opened and “de-seeded” lupine plants. There are so many options. Children love to open up the plant and remove the seeds. Exploring the plant is second nature to children.

Sunflower Seed or Corn Tweezing

sunflower work

Apple Coring or Peeling

apple crafts

Sewing a Pumpkin Pillow

Sewing Pumpkin Activity for Kids

Sewing Tray

Practical Life Sewing Tray

At the start of the year, the new children are trying to figure out their place. Inviting them to sew the first letter of their name is an effective way to encourage them to do a work and helps them own their space in the classroom.

Leaf Paper Hole Punch

Kids love paper hole punches. This activity keeps them busy and gives materials for an art or even a math work. As the children paper hole punch, encourage them to collect the product in a  bowl. Then use the product four counters or for art.

Practical Life Activity for the Fall

Chalk Pastels Grating

Practical Life Shelves

I love this activity. Children love to use the grater and the product is great to use for art projects with glue or water to paint.

 I hope you enjoyed these ideas!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.