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Unique Inexpensive DIY Father’s Day Gifts from Kids to Dad


This DIY Father’s Day gift from kids contains 30 inexpensive ideas.  The FREE Father’s Day Printable includes 30 inexpensive ideas for Dad in a “Book of Experiences to Celebrate Time with Dad”. There are 30 words, all verbs, all focused on “doing” rather than “spending”.  

These words are included on each page of the Book of Experiences. Follow along day by day, or randomly choose your experience.

DIY Father's Day Coupon Book Main

These gifts are not gifts of material but are gifts of time, of experience, and of presence. I purposely left the verbs open-ended so that you may complete the phrase in any way that works for your family. You can make it as specific or as general as you wish.

Unique Inexpensive DIY Father's Day Gifts from Kids to Dad

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” ~ Paulo Coelho

DIY Father’s Day Gifts from Kids

I created this list with the idea that we need to have experiences with each other, that a material gift is soon forgotten, while an experience can be life-defining.  

I made this list into a DIY Book of Experiences Celebrating Time with Dad. The tutorial for the “coupon” book for Father’s Day is as follows:

 Father's Day Gifts collage

Materials & Approach

I brainstormed with my oldest son about the things he likes TO DO with his Dad. I made a list into which I created the DIY Experiences Book Printable to print out for my husband on Father’s Day. Here is why you can do:

Pretty simple, right? Here is the list:

 Father's Day Gifts

I hope we inspired you today! Let me know about your father’s day gift!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.