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Montessori Math Beads Presentation Tray


The Golden Beads Presentation Tray is the first lesson in Montessori Math: Introducing Place Value and the Decimal System. The Montessori Math Golden Beads Presentation Tray is a simple presentation including one of each of a unit, a ten bar, a hundred square, and a thousand cube.

The goal is to introduce the child to the language of the beads, and to the decimal system, and give a concrete exercise with the decimal system.

Golden Bead Presentation Tray

Montessori Math Golden Beads Presentation Tray

Presentation I

  • Let the child know that he is ready for the golden beads. Spread a mat on the floor.
  • “This is the presentation tray of the golden beads. We must be very gentle with them. These beads are very special and we need to be careful not to break or lose them.”

golden beads tray sequence

“This is a unit. Would you like to hold it? Can you say unit?”

  • Place the unit back on the mat. Proceed with the ten bar in the same manner.
  • Pick up the hundred square and introduce it. Lay it left of the ten bar.
  • Once the child is comfortable with the hundred square move onto the thousand cube. Give 3 Period Lessons.

Presentation II

GB Presentation Tray Pres 2

This lesson is about attributes. Talk about how there are ten units in a ten bar, ten ten bars in a hundred square and so on. Compare and contrast the unit, ten bar, hundred square and thousand cube by weight, quantity, etc.


  • Play What’s Missing? game
  • Mystery Bag with items on the tray
  • Mix up items from the tray and have the child put them in order


  • Make own beads
  • Draw beads in Presentation Tray
  • Color photocopy of the sketch of a tray
  • Nomenclature cards of materials



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.