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[Montessori at Home] Fine Motor Skills Nuts & Bolts Basket


In order to continue integrating Montessori at Home, I created a Fine Motor Skills Nuts and Bolts Basket. Like many of you, we carry a vision with every activity we plan. This vision doesn’t always play out. This diversion, of course, is a wonderful part of the activity, perhaps highlighting the whole point of the activity!

Montessori at Home: Fine Motor Skills Nuts & Bolts Basket

nuts and bolts tray

In our case, we traveled to the hardware store and sought out a variety of nuts, bolts, a padlock, a carabiner, and other miscellaneous hardware. My favorite part of the excursion was when the checkout person said to me, “Wow, I am impressed at all your hardware!

I thought for a moment about saying, “Oh, it is nothing, just a little project I am doing at home,” but I opted to tell her the truth. The coolest part? I think she was MORE floored and impressed with the idea that these pieces of hardware were for my children to play with and explore.

Nuts and Bolts Fine Motor Work

He went crazy screwing and unscrewing, which was the main intent of fine motor skill development. Then, however, his 2.5-year-old imagination turned on like wildfire.

He built a faucet, a “water fountain,” and finally, a water tower explaining how it all worked…


Extraordinary to observe him explore, create, and work with the materials. Next to spiders, children are the original tinkerers!

Thank you for visiting. I hope I inspired you just a bit today. Come back soon.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.