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Montessori Math Golden Bead Static Addition


Are you a teacher or parent wanting to teach your children math? Look no further than the Montessori Math Golden Bead Static Addition method. This classic mathematics exercise teaches valuable skills such as abstraction, logical progression, and addition while fostering independence in young learners.

With an introduction of this easy-to-follow technique, it won’t be long before kids are comfortable with basic single-digit math operations and have developed strong mental arithmetic abilities.

Incorporate this time-tested mathematical tool into your child’s education for developing their mathematical awareness!

The beauty of Montessori Math continues with the Golden Bead Static Addition lesson.

Golden Bead Static Addition Lesson - Montessori Math

Invite the children to learn addition with the golden beads.

Golden Bead Static Addition Lesson

Golden Bead Static Addition Lesson - Montessori Math

Each child needs a tray. Ask one child to get the numeral “1341” from the small numeral cards. Ask him to read the cards and slide them together. Ask him to get the quantity from the bank. Give a second child the numeral “2435” and proceed with the same approach.

When each child returns from the bank with their quantities, ask them to tell you what they’ve brought you.

Golden Bead Static Addition Lesson - Montessori Math

Have the first child place his quantity in the correct columns at the top of the mat, and his numerals to the right. The second child then should place his quantity and symbols a few inches below the first child’s.

“Now we have 1341 and 2435 beads here. I am going to put them together in one place. When we put things together it is called addition because we are adding two numbers together. We always add the units first.

Slide the top group of numerals down to the bottom group and both groups to the bottom edge of the mat, below the equal sign.

Ask one of the children to count the units and retrieve a large numeral card, which tells us how many beads we have after adding them together. Place the large numeral card below the units column of the small numeral cards.

Montessori Math

Ask the second child to scoop the ten bars together and then to the bottom of the mat. Ask him to count the ten bars, retrieve a large numeral card that corresponds to the number of ten bars, and place the large numeral card next to the units numeral card.

Golden Bead Static Addition Lesson - Montessori Math

Continue with the approach.  One child adds 100s. The other child adds 1000s.

Montessori Math in Action

“Now look what happened when we added 1341 and 2435…we got 3776. When we add, we use a special sign to show what we’re doing. It is called a plus sign, and it goes here.

We also need another sign to show that we are writing the new number that we got by adding. It is called the equal sign and it goes here. So now we have 1341 + 2435 = 3776.”

Review the names for the plus and equal signs with a 3-period lesson.

Invite the children to put the quantity and symbols away. Then give them a new number. Completing three problems is a great start for the first time with this work. With each problem, withdraw more and more.

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