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Make A Magic Seed Star – Easy Gardening Activities for Kids


Have you ever wondered how to make a magic seed star? This garden activity for preschoolers is the perfect and fun way to introduce growing plants to kids! Our adventure in Garden Camp continues this week. Yesterday I highlighted the super easy DIY Planter we made in class.

Garden Activity for Preschoolers

We are enjoying every minute of getting our hands dirty, exploring the garden and learning a ton about our earth! Here is one sweet activity we did earlier this week. Thank you Seattle Tilth and your amazing Children’s Gardening Camp for the ideas and inspiration.

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Magic Seed Star Garden Activity

Magic Seed Star Garden Activity Materials

  • Newspaper or Paper
  • Glue
  • Small brush
  • Seeds
  • Scissors

Garden Activity Approach

  • Cut out a few stars from the paper
  • Lay out the star, glue, brush, and seeds
  • Demonstrate how to make the Magic Seed Star by dipping the brush in the glue, dotting the end of each point, and gently placing a seed on the dots of glue.
  • Hand the activity over to your child so he can make his own Magic Seed Star
  • Remind your child that too much glue is not good for growing
  • Find a nice sunny spot in your yard with your child
  • Dig a little hole with your hands or a small shovel
  • Place the Magic Seed Star in the hole and cover it with soil
  • Wait for your seeds to sprout

We planted our Magic Seed Star a few days ago with Calendula, a beautiful orange flower that tastes wonderful in tea too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.