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Integrating Montessori at Home: Week 1


How do we integrate Montessori at home? Montessori, as I have mentioned in the past, is a lifestyle. It is a philosophy that go far beyond classroom walls.  Integrating Montessori into the home environment is a great way to bring your child’s Montessori education into every day family life. So many of us want to bring Montessori into our homes. So, how do we bring Montessori into our homes?

Gardening with Kids

Montessori at Home – A Plan

Change can be overwhelming. When I started a family getting anything done seemed nearly impossible. I couldn’t get a project complete. I was frustrated so I took a step back. I took a task, let’s say cleaning out a closet, and created a to do list.

Each day I would knock off one thing from the list. I had faith that the project would be completed if I stuck to my list. Sure enough, I began getting things done. I was realistic with my time and capacity. I also gave myself a bit a breathing room. Some things in life will take a bit longer to get done these days and that is okay.

Montessori at Home

So, using that same approach, I created this day by day list for you to slowly integrate Montessori into your home. You’ll notice a mix of education, simplifying, and execution. My goals are to serve the children but also the family as a whole. You will all benefit from the steps. You will be satisfied by living in a less cluttered home. Your kids will be happy to no longer have to live in an adult sized world and to be able to exercise their independence.

How to Montessori at Home

Montessori at Home – Week 1

Day One

Go to the library or to Amazon and get your hands on one of these Montessori Books for Parents

Day Two

Sort toys to 1) give away, 2) sell, or 3) throw away. Begin with plastic, then to broken, then to duplicates, and finally move to those toys that have always been an eyesore to you, or just plainly don’t bring joy to your home. Grab boxes and an extra large strong trash bag. Go nuts.

Day Three

Schedule a donation pick up or drop boxes at a local Goodwill, photograph and list items on craigslist, or toss that bag into the trash.

Day Four

Check out how we Montessori, a wonderful resource for Montessori in the Home.

Day Five

Take inventory of the plates, bowls, utensils, and cups for your children. Remove plastic items.

Day Six

Move children’s kitchen items to a location easily accessible to them.

Day Seven

Kids can use “real” eating ware. When my kids were quite young, I’d give them a glass, like these children’s glasses from Montessori Services, that I was okay with breaking and comfortable with no injuring my kids! I frequent Goodwill because you’ll find quality materials but pay nearly nothing for them. So, when there is an accident, I don’t feel as bad.  I love all of Montessori Services Table Setting & Serving products for kids.

I’ll be in touch soon!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.