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Kid Activities with Essential Oils


As many of you know I am a lover of essential oils. Essential oils have shifted my family’s mood and overall wellness dramatically. This post includes ideas for kids activities using essential oils.


Learn more about how I use essential oils with my family.

I use a diffuser in  my boys’ room as well as in our shared space. However, I want to seamlessly integrate oils into my boys’ daily routine, including activities, without being too overt. I love the interest my five year old is showing when it comes to oils from an educational standpoint. He truly is fascinated with the effects of oils on our bodies.

So, as I do with most things in life, I began to research activities using oils for my boys. Here is the fabulous short list of Essential Oils Activities with Kids.

Kid Activities with Essential Oils

DIY Smelling Bottles

Smelling Bottles with Essential Oils

I love these DIY Smelling Bottles with Essential Oils from Stacy at Things to Share and Remember. Such a simple activity to bring into your home that your children will love to do!  A simple activity to put together using spice bottles and oils in your home. Arlee at My Small Potatoes has a lovely Smelling Bottles Activity, too.  I love how she made her children a part of the activity process. See the image below.

Scent Cards for Kids

Aromatherapy Moon Sand

Sweet smelling moon sand that actually helps kids? Sign me up. Moon Sand is ridiculously easy to put together. Kids can even do the mixing! You can get creative with aromas. Doterra’s Blog featured a lavender moon sand activity. Maybe the perfect sensory activity for kids! They also feature Peppermint Flubber, Lime Slime, and Wild Orange Playdough.

Bath Bombs for Kids

I love how Maggie at Red Ted Art used essential oils, in her case, lavender, and the actual plant in mixing up these bath bombs for kids. What a great opportunity to chat with kids about plants and where the oil comes from within the plant? Plus, the bath bombs are fun and smell awesome. Finally, kids will be pumped to use these bath bombs in the tub because they made them!

Homemade Bubble Bath for Kids

Bubble Bath

Speaking of the bath, you can’t go wrong with this essential oil homemade bubble bath for kids. Merissa gives step by step instructions on how to whip up this stuff. Kids can do it, too. Choose your scent and you are golden!

Essential Oil Soap for Kids

Figurine Soap

Doterra’s blog recently featured an essential oil soap recipe that I can’t wait to try with my boys! This activity is on our “to do” list. It is so versatile with smell, color, and mold! We have the makings of a pretty darn fun soap activity in our pantry. Now to find the time. I look forward to sharing our creation with you.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of kid activities with essential oils. I look forward to posting about our essential oil activities soon. In the meantime, this post should leave you with a bit of inspiration.

I will be in touch!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.