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Our Favorite Sensory Processing Tools


My sons fall onto different parts of the SPD spectrum. Both were “diagnosed” with sensory integration issues. I hesitate to call them “issues” because we all have these “issues” in some form or another. We happened to get a bit more clarity on their lagging skills and notable qualities to which we might want to pay close attention. My role as the parent is to guide my sons. I want them to be happy and well adjusted. I want them to be emotionally, socially, and physically comfortable for the most part as they walk through life. They are who they are and it is my job to help them be the greatest they can possibly be. The below list has been curated over the past six months to help my sons and our family in our every day functioning. This list hopefully begins to answer the question “how to help a child with sensory processing issues“.

Our Favorite Sensory Processing Tools

For the Chewer

Our five year old was soaking through a few shirts a day. Not only was this short chewing uncomfortable for him physically and socially, he was ruining his favorite shirts! So we sought to help him. These three items have made a ton of difference in his life. Definitely check out CHEWY TUBES, the Krypto-Bite Chewable Gem Necklace, and (gasp!) Sugar Fee Natural Glee Gum. The pieces are small. It has taken a little practice to keep the gum in the mouth and to not play with the gum but overall the impact is positive!

Trampoline Sensory Processing Disorder

For the Climber and Jumper

We invested in a well made “safe” Springfree® Trampoline two years ago. Not only is jumping great exercise for us, our sons are on it several times a day. Worth every penny.

For the Sensitivity to Warm Pillows

My four year old must ask for a “cold pillow” at least ten times a night. Enters the CHILLOW Pillow Cooling Pad. Thanks to a wonderful recommendation, we purchased one of these pillows for my son. It has done the trick ten fold.

For the Proprioceptive Sensory Seeker

My middle son, especially, has come to love his “foot rubs” with Doterra’s Serenity oil blend and cream. Often while we’re relaxing watching a show or reading books at bedtime, he’ll ask for a foot massage. I welcome it with open arms.

Serenity DoTerra Blend

For General Well Being

Essential Oils used to weird me out. How is that for a technical phrase? Seriously, though, I thought oils were for the new age hippies yada yada yada add a few more labels. Then I met someone that began educating me on oils. I experimenting with my own body. Then when I became a parent, oils seamlessly made a home in our home. We are an intense household and carry a bit of anxiety with us throughout the days. Not to mention two out of my three children have mild SPD. We use essential oils in a variety of ways in our home, as part of our daily routine, in the classroom, and in activities. For more information, check out my DoTerra Wellness Advocate store.

Lemon Lime Adventures

For Education

Lemon Lime Adventures is a phenomenal resource for all parents and teachers. Dayna, the masterful founder and writer of the blog, has done a fantastic job of building community around topics related to Sensory Processing. I encourage you to join a Facebook community for Sensory Processing Support. Danya is also behind Project Sensory, an extremely resourceful website for  sensory processing related concerns that offers a myriad of products to help us parents and teachers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.