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Maestro Classics – Music Homeschool Curriculum


This post contains ideas for a music homeschool curriculum. Additionally, the post includes a “how to make a cardboard castle” activity, perfect for a unit on the composer, Richard Strauss, and Germany. As I plan out our homeschool year, Maestros Classics is undoubtedly part of our curriculum.

The products are of high quality and comprehensive. I purchased music to cover my homeschool year with my 4.5-year-old (the below package). The FREE curriculum guides are rich with information to fill a day and certainly a year’s worth of learning across topics, simply using music as a stepping stone.

Maestros Classics – Homeschool Music Curriculum

We received Merry Pranks of Master Till for review recently. It was a total hit in our home!  My boys, ages 6 and 4, love any tale that involves a bit of a troublemaker. They can relate to the character, I suppose. The fact that this tale is told through beautiful storytelling and Richard Strauss’ classical music is the icing on the cake.

Why We Love Maestros Classics

We love the music offered by Maestros Classics. The storytelling and musical accompaniment are wonderful. The amazing bonus is the additional support with FREE CURRICULUM for teachers and parents.

This curriculum is not simply printable coloring pages. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers a wide array of topics and age ranges. Quite impressive and ideal for homeschooling families.

Music Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Learning geography and culture is certainly one piece of goodness. My 4.5 year old listened to Merry Pranks of Master Till in his listening station. I mentioned that the composer of Merry Pranks, Richard Strauss, was from Germany.

He promptly pulled out our globe to understand where Germany existed in our world. I then went on to explain (truthfully what little) I know about Germany. I do know that the country has many castles and rich history. So, what would appeal to my 4.5-year-old to further this learning? A Cardboard Castle, of course.

Knights Cardboard Castle

How to Make a Cardboard Castle

I was pleasantly surprised, as I research Maestro Classics FREE curriculum on Master Till, to find a castle making activity perfect for my son: making a castle from a cardboard box. We always have boxes in our recycling so this project worked out perfectly for us! Such a simple activity to put together and it keeps on giving back.

How to Make a Cardboard Castle

Materials Needed to Make a Cardboard Castle

  1. String or Yarn
  2. X-Acto or Scissors
  3. Cardboard Box
  4. Crayons or Markers
  5. Figurines (we used Safari’s Knights & Dragons Toob)

How to Make a Cardboard Castle Drawbridge

Steps to Making a Cardboard Castle

Pretty straightforward. I will send you onto Enchanted Learning for more details. Once you cut the opening and make the basic castle design, you’re off to design with your own imagination!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.