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Magnetism Science Experiments for Kids: Magnetic Board


Have you heard of Playdough to Plato? It is an amazing resource for parents and teachers. Malia, the founder, is ridiculously talented at designed effective and beautiful printables for preschool, kindergarten, and lower elementary aged children. I am really excited to be a part of the Playdough to Plato team as a Science contributor. Once a month, I will post a science activity on Playdough to Plato’s blog. I hope that you “tune in” to the post. I will post a teaser (like this one today) to remind you. My inaugural post is a DIY Magnetic Board! The Science of Magnetism! Enjoy!

DIY Magnetic Board with Iron Fillings for CAO

Science Experiments for Kids

Remember the Wooly Willy magnetic board? C’mon, I know you do. As a child I spent hours working to get his facial hair just right. The simple, engaging kids’ science toy was a mesmerizing way to learn about magnetism. Guess what?! Now you can make your own DIY magnetic board just like the Wooly Willy.

DIY Magnetic Board Pinterest

My main issue with Wooly Willy was always that I wanted a blank page to do my own decorating on the paper. This easy version will give your children a lot more creative license to design a piece of (temporary) artwork to their own unique personality and talent.

This activity is easy and inexpensive to put together. Trust me, your children will love this activity. It is truly the activity that keeps on giving.  Click on over to Playdough to Plato for the full tutorial with inquiry based learning ideas and the science behind this activity! So glad you’re here! Talk to you soon!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.