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Simple & Flexible Montessori Homeschool Schedule


One of the biggest questions I receive from readers is about routine and Montessori homeschool schedule. So, here is a glimpse into our ideal day. I use the word “ideal” loosely. I view my job as the creator of the environment and that includes with our Montessori homeschool schedule. I set wide parameters in a well planned environment. I use ranges in “planning” our days. So, there is a lot of wiggle room in our Montessori Homeschool schedule.

montessori homeschool schedule

Montessori Homeschool Schedule

  • (7am) Wake Up
  • (7-8am) During the first hour of the day we eat breakfast together usually listening to an audiobook. Our favorite audio books right now are anything Magic Tree House and My Father’s Dragon. We also use this time to talk about the day & week. We call it laying out the tracks for the day.
  • (8-9am) The the boys move into Free Play (usually an audio book or music is playing at this time, too). The boys typically build with Legos, dive into imaginary play, or go outside. The idea is to get their bodies moving before settling down for work time later. This time also gives me an opportunity to clean up, or do a chore. Chores and cleaning up are a part of the boys’ days, too. Every day they have a ‘special chore of the day’ assigned to them. If they complete the chore they earn screen time.
  • (9-10am) Often free play is taken outside. The boys ride bikes and jump on the trampoline while I prepare a bit more for the day.
  • (10am) The boys usually get hungry as outdoor time winds down. Sometimes I am on it enough to bring snack outside. More often than not they wander inside looking for a piece of fruit or string cheese, for example.
  • (10:15-noon) After eating we’re ready to move into Work Time. During this time I give a lesson or we expand on something we’ve been working on earlier in the week. Better yet we dive deeper into something the boys discovered earlier in the day during their outdoor time.
  • (Noon) The boys love having lunch outside. So we do picnic lunch as often as we can. The goal for lunch is obviously to eat well but also to include the boys in preparation.
  • (12:30-1:30pm) We spend the next hour or so outdoors playing and observing in our yard.
  • (2-2:45pm) The boys are ready for down time with Books & Journals. I do allow for screen time at this point if it’s educational. So, for example, they love Osmo, Schoolhouse Rock, Stop Motion, and Magic Schoolbus.
  • (2:45-3pm) Snack
  • (3-4pm) Outdoor Time
  • (4-5pm Screen Time that allows for show. If I’m lucky, they choose Dinosaur Train, Creative Galaxy, Annedroids, or some other educational show.
  • (5-6pm) Dinner
  • (6-7:30pm) Bed, Bath, & Books

So here is a day in the life of a Montessori Homeschool. I look at the week, or even the month, not simply the day. Our Montessori homeschool schedule requires loads of flexibility given the age and personality of my son. Let me know how you structure your day!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.