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Easy to Put Together March Montessori Shelves


I updated our Montessori shelves a bit for March. There is a green theme a la St. Patrick’s Day.

Fine Motor Skill Activity with Pipecleaners


We continue to work on fine motor skills with pipe cleaners and beading. This work is easy & inexpensive. All you need are pony beads and pipecleaners.

My 2 year old loves this work. With my 3.5 year old, I try to integrate some early math activities with him by playing with the number of beads on each pipe cleaner and by counting in 2s, for example.

St. Patrick’s Day Counting Activity


This one was also easy and relatively inexpensive. Again, use your pony beads, purchase shamrock stickers and a Shamrock Mold (the most expensive part).

Simply add stickers to the mold and ask your child to add the same number of beads to the mold. A great early math activity and simple counting activity for the younger children.

St. Patrick’s Day Math Activity


Another early math seriation activity. Simply match the correct number with the foam circle with the same number of shamrocks. My 2 year old was excited to simply count the shamrock stickers but I also showed him the correct number match.

My 3.5 year old found this activity a bit too easy but I created the activity by 2s. So we worked on counting by 2s for a little extra fun.

So those works are the new ones on our shelves. I love rotating trays and hope to ignite my sons’ learning in a new way.

Montessori Fraction Skittles


I am also really excited about a new material we have in our homeschool: Montessori Large Fraction Skittles with Stand. I am working to create fraction skittle printables to use along side this material, we are excited to work with the skittles this week.

My 2 year old took to them immediately. It was amazing to watch him explore them. I used them with a learning to tell time activity with my 3.5 year old along side our 15 Minute Sand Timer. More on that activity later.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.