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I Am a Mom of Boys


I wrote this quick note to a friend who recently had a baby boy. I won’t use the word “terrified” but she definitely expressed some “I don’t know anything about boys” concern in her voice. I had to share a few brief thoughts with you all.

Mom of Boys

“Dear G,

Here is the thing about boys. They are messy, they will stick their tongues out in pictures, lick a lot of things, and go to the bathroom anywhere nature calls them to do so…but they’ll melt your heart…and they’ll break your heart. You’ll adore them and they will adore you. Many days you’ll find yourself staring at them sound asleep next to you, in your arms, sweat pouring from both your bodies, and you’ll wonder when they’ll figure out your flaws…because we moms aren’t perfect. We make mistakes.

Keep in mind that Boys ARE gross. They spit. They are a bit smelly. I already mentioned the bathroom situation. They think passing gas and pooping is especially funny and, not to mention, intriguing even when they can’t yet utter a word. If there is a male within five feet in any direction they will find a way to climb onto that male, drive cars or trains on that male and maybe if you are lucky, even do a flip of that male. Still, somehow with all these quirks, boys ARE beautiful. Seriously, look for a moment at your baby’s nose, his eyes and touch his cheeks. Beautiful, huh?

Their energy seems never-ending. Their desire to have adventures and explore the world can seem exhausting (to you, not them). They will climb. They will run you ALL DAY LONG but then they will sleep hard. Even when your back and legs are aching, let them be energizer bunnies! Let them run! Let them wrestle! Create an environment that allows them to take risks and move their bodies freely.

Being a mom to a boy is special. I worry that this time when they feel so close and want me by their side is fleeting so I embrace it. I think about the moment I realize that I’ve ‘lost them’ to their next partner in life and tears fill my eyes even at 3 and 1.5 years old. So, some nights I ask for one more hug.

Snuggle up. Enjoy the journey.

Love, M

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.