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Montessori Toys & Materials: My All Time Top Choices from Etsy


Montessori is known for gorgeous, high-quality materials. Etsy provides amazing Montessori resources and materials for parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

My Favorite Montessori Materials on Etsy

Montessori Toys & Materials: My All-Time Top Choices from Etsy

This post includes my absolute favorite Montessori materials I dug up on Etsy. Enjoy!

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Loose Parts Bug Exploration 

Hands-on, interactive, and zoology. The perfect, simple work for young children.

Montessori Pencil Holder

Montessori Pencil Holder

Simple, gorgeous Montessori material. We own this exact product. It makes me smile every day.

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Montessori World Map Puzzle

When I first saw this wooden map, I practically fell off my chair. So beautiful and perfect for tracing and pin poking works.

Montessori Little Tower

Montessori Little Tower

Probably THE best Montessori at Home purchase known to mankind. This tower is the gift that keeps on giving and grows with your child. An absolute must-have for a Montessori home.

Montessori T Shirt for Kids

Montessori T-Shirt for Kids

Who doesn’t love an adorable, sassy kids tee shirt? I fell head over heels for this particular shirt. A Montessori kid is a special kind of kid. Might as well flaunt it.

Montessori Felt Board World Map
Montessori Felt Board World Map

 I love the large size of this map and the fact that it is on the wall. The child must move her body and interact with this hands-on Montessori material.

Montessori Card Counter Variation
Montessori Card Counter Variation

Drool may have dropped from the corner of my mouth when I saw this material. Beautifully made and the perfect variation, or extension, to the Montessori cards & counters work. Simply gorgeous.

Spindle Box
Montessori Spindle Box

Yes, please. Spindle boxes offer lots of variation but, when a work is so beautiful a child cannot resist it, you know you’re onto something big.

Montessori Wooden Leaf Puzzle

Wooden Leaf Puzzle

Elegant and well made. This type of hands-on work is exactly what Maria Montessori had in mind when creating materials. Plus, the work combines fine motor work with botany. Sign me up.

I hope you enjoyed my absolute favorite Montessori materials from Etsy. Dr. Montessori emphasized beauty and quality with the materials. Etsy delivers big time on that desire.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.