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Montessori Scissor Cutting Practice Activities that Won’t Put Your Kids to Sleep


Kids love scissor cutting! Why not make it more fun and interesting for them? Plus, you can easily tie the scissor cutting work into other learning areas. This post includes unique Montessori scissor cutting exercises for kids that won’t bore you or your kids!

Scissor Cutting Practice

Scissor Cutting Practice that Won’t Put a Child to Sleep

Tie in with Science & Art

We love this decotrope activity from Babble Dabble Do. A unique and fun way to get little hands working fine motor skills. Make this Decotrope with lots of help from the kids. Watch kids work to create a science and art activity that will mesmerize them!

decotrope scissor cutting

Types of Lines

Go crazy. Curved, dotted, dashed, various colors, thick, thin, diagonal, and crooked. I made a fun set of Nature themed cutting strips with this approach in mind!

Scissor Cutting Strips

Use Real Images

I created simple Mountain themed cutting strips using real images of mountains around the world. These strips tie nicely into a biomes unit or geography.

Homeschooler with Metal Insets

Practice Cutting Shapes

Trace metal insets and then encourage the child to cut the shapes out.

Scissor Cutting Practice Paper Pink Tower

Make 3D Shapes

This advance scissor cutting activity brings sensorial and practical life together. Montessori Services offers a great advanced scissor cutting set. We also recently created a pink tower using actual cubes created by cutting. You can also make a 2D Paper Pink Tower using this FREE template from Montessori Printshop. Making Montessori Ours gives the dimensions on this DIY Pink Tower post.

Easy Science for Kids

Create Spirals

My sons and I did this spiral cutting recently to explore How Hot Air Rises. Cutting spirals is tricky, so there is a good challenge for older children. Plus include the spiral in a science activity or simply hang the end product on display brings the activity full circle.

Simple Household Objects

Straws, Paper Towels, Yarn, Sponges, & Paper Towel Rolls make for great scissor cutting! Plus the produce makes a great item for art and other learning activities.


Natural Objects

You know me and my natural object obsession. I would never encourage a child to pluck a leave, a twig, or a cone from a living plant. I do, however, encourage lots of discovery of recent fallen objects. Moss and lychee make for terrific cutting, too. The textures are so different.

The more texture variation you can bring to the table, the better the scissor cutting exercise for the child.


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Scissor Cutting Practice Resources

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.