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Montessori Services Spring Themed Materials


Montessori Services is one of my go-to resources for Montessori materials. You can shop by category, including areas of the classroom, Montessori at Home, sale items, and by age, or by collection, including Made in the USA, books by Montessorians, teacher favorites, and seasonal items such as these Montessori Services spring themed materials.

In this post, I am highlighting Montessori spring items offered on Montessori Services! Don’t stop there, though, Montessori Services always offers loads of on sale items, too.

Montessori Services Spring Resources

Why I Love Montessori Services

in 1976, Jane Mills Campbell, an AMI-trained Montessori teacher, founded Montessori Services in Pennsylvania. The initial goal of Montessori Services is to bring hard-to-find, child-size Practical Life materials into the classroom.

Of course, now over 40 years later, the company offers an extensive catalog of products well beyond Practical Life, an area that continues to be their bread and butter. Montessori  Services continues to make it easy and cost-effective to find the specialized items used in the Montessori classroom.

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In 2004, Montessori Services began to focus on providing Montessori resources to families and parents wanting to bring Montessori into their home learning environment. Thus came the creation of For Small Hands.

Montessori Services offers a variety of authentic Montessori related products across a wide range of topical areas and ages. Plus, their customer service is fantastic.

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Montessori Services Spring Materials

Montessori Services Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Such a clever and easy to put together an activity for preschoolers.

Build a Birdfeeder

Build a Birdfeeder

My boys LOVE this project. Perfect for woodworking with kids and learning about birds.

Bird Fandex

Bird Fandex

So much information and detail plus beautiful images of birds. Kids will not get enough of these cards.

Planter Maker Set

Planter Maker Set

This set is perfect for little hands and engaging outdoor learning activity. You can do this planter project on your own but this set makes it quite easy to execute.

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Reusing and Recycling Children's Book

Reusing and Recycling Children’s Book

It’s never too early to get children thinking about how to help our environment. Earth Day provides a great opportunity to introduce this big topic.

Composting Book for Kids

Composting Book for Kids

Teach kids about composting and watch their minds be blown away! This worm tower activity for kids is a fun one to introduce the concept of composting, too.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Such a fun long term learning project that requires observation and patience as the caterpillars transform into butterflies.

Flower Arranger Set

Flower Arranger Set

Montessori Services Materials for Spring

Spring Tea Book

I love this book! It provides a fantastic visual for kids to prepare their own springtime tea. In addition, this book makes for a great spring themed Practical Life activity!

Montessori Services Grow A Garden

Grow a Garden Book

Montessori Services How Fruits & Vegetables Grow Set

How Fruits & Vegetables Grow Set

Montessori Services Plants We Eat

Plants We Eat Booklets

Montessori Services Life Cycles of Worms

Life Cycle of Worms

Montessori Services Gardening Tote & Tools

Garden Tote & Tools

Montessori Services Watering Can

Child Sized Watering Can

Montessori Services Four Seasons Book Set

Four Seasons Book Set

Montessori Services Earth Day Book

Earth Day Book

Montessori Services Earth Flag

Flag of the Earth

Montessori Services Earth Puzzle

Puzzle of the Earth

Montessori Services Pledge to the EarthPledge to the Earth

This little gem is a beautiful addition to a child’s spring themed shelves.

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