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Finger Tap Painting Music & Art Activity for Kids


Combine music, listening skills, fine motor skills, and art with this Finger Tap Painting Activity for Kids. I am a huge fan of all of MaryAnn Kohl’s books. The books cover disciplines like math and science AND make it fun for children by combining nature, movement, and process art. In my view, these books are the perfect compliment to a homeschool curriculum.

Finger Painting

Music Activity for Kids

Even if you aren’t homeschooling, having these books for reference is useful for any parent or caretaker. I use them as references nearly every day with my 5 and 3.5-year-olds. I honestly don’t remember from which book the inspiration for this activity came but I know she inspired me for sure.

Musical Finger Painting

[Tweet “”I am interested in ideas, not merely in visual products.” ~ Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) “]

Finger Tap Painting Art Activity for Kids

Materials for Painting Activity

Bead Art

Approach to Painting Activity

  • Play Classical Music
  • Cut string at a length that works with the child’s fingers
  • Tie the beads onto the string
  • Tie the string onto the child’s fingers (I started with one finger with my 3.5-year-old to give him a feel for it.)
  • Prepare the paint in either a dish or directly onto the paper
  • Invite the child to “play the piano” on the paper and paint
  • Allow time for the artwork to dry and display

Tap Painting

Process art is a beautiful thing. Remember that. I tend to get caught up in the end product. For children, though, the process is the part where they exercise imagination, creativity, and are truly developing themselves. Their spirits shine through the process of whether art, math, science, reading, or writing.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.