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Sensory Activity for Preschoolers


This Mystery Bag activity is an extension of a traditional Montessori Sensorial activity.

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I’ve written on Mystery Bag extensions in the past so definitely check out the posts.


Materials Needed:

  • A bag you can’t see through preferably with a drawstring
  • Objects to place in the bag {Our bag included an acorn, a mini clothespin, a pine cone, a small wooden square, a mini violin replica, a crayon, a sea turtle mini replica, and a key.
  • A blindfold {optional}
  • Cards to match the objects in the bag {optional – I made my own}
  • Sensory material to use as a base like rice, beans, or my personal favorite, flaxseed (have you felt the slippery, lovely stuff?)


  • Invite your child to explore the new work with you: “I want to show you something new today. This work we do with our hands.”
  • First reach in the bag yourself and pull out each object. Ask the child if he knows the name. If not, tell him. If so, great. Either way line the objects up from left to right. Before replacing the objects in the bag review the names.
  • Show the child the cards to match the object as you go along.
  • Now offer the child a turn. Remind him to take time to explore with their hands
  • Do the exercise with the cards laid out near the child: “Can you find X?” or have him identify what he is feeling with his hands
  • Invite the child to close his eyes or to use a blindfold. If he does not want to, no big deal
  • Proceed with the exercise until each object is identified.  If the child gets most of the objects incorrect, no big deal. Keep the objects the same for a while before switching them up with other items.

Mystery bags are great because they are easy to execute and to make it interesting for your child. You can create by classifying objects or creating a themed bag.  The direct aim is to develop the stereognostic sense. Indirect aims include language, pre-writing, and pre-reading skills as you line the objects up from left to right and name each object.

Thanks for visiting. I hope we inspired you today.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.