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Podcasts Kids Love & Parents Approve


My purpose for writing this post is to give you a few awesome ideas for Podcasts for Kids.

Okay, friends, I have a new obsession: podcasts.

My sons and I commute a lot, many, many miles each day. I actually look forward to the commute for many reasons.

One reason is to spend time with my sons. We listen to stories often.  I love audible, but cha-ching, the cost was adding up. So, I went in search for other options. I was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered out there! So, I had to share with you (of course!)

podcasts for kids

The Benefits of Audio for Language Learning

Audio books and podcasts are a perfect supplement for kids deep in their language learning. Young listeners often prefer audio over screen time. Talking books for kids allow children to use their imagination to come up with imagery to the story.

There is no one feeding the images to them.  So, from a reading comprehension standpoint, listening to books or podcasts are extremely effective.

Often my sons will hold the book in their hands while listening to a book. They’ll turn the pages as the story progresses along. I enjoy taking this approach with my youngest son who is a new reader. He is still learning and this kind of encouragment works really well to keep him engaged and to keep his langauge development strong.

socialsquares brighthappyhome scaled offers five succinct benefits to listening including that there is no stigma! What an important point to include for those children who struggle or may be at the lower end of the reading spectrum.

Plus listening to books or podcasts are a great way to help younger children progress. Furthermore, younger children can “read” more challenging books to really work their comprehension and later, more complex reading skills.

6 Awesome Podcasts for Curious Kids

#1 – Brains On!

Brains On! is an incredibly well done show for curious kids. The presenters weave in content from the audience and have actual kids as presenters. Super creative episodes teaching kids about science and having loads of fun while doing it.

They discuss everything from the international space station to the science of baking to spider sense to translating the barks & growls dogs and cats. My boys can’t wait to hear each episode’s mystery sounds!  (Ages 5+)

#2 – Tumble

Tumble is another rock solid science podcast for kids. Lindsay & Marshall, the hosts , make each episode not only fun for kids but entertaining for adults! They incorporate kids into the episodes, invite the kids’ questions, and, better yet, encourage the kids’ thinking in coming up with possible reasons why bats might hang upside down, for example.

Lindsay & Marshall wrote a manifesto stating that one reason they created the show is because they believe “If kids understand how science works, the future will be a better place.” (Ages 7+)

#3 – Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books’ tells stories old and new. The story telling is lovely, engaging, and does a fantastic job weaving in life lessons and culture. The podcast is extremely well done. A child introduces and closes each episode, and there are a variety of story tellers. My boys always ask if there is a new episode.

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#4 – Storynory

Storynory is another storyteller podcast. The various narrators tell us myths, fairy tales, and several original works! These stories have a timeless twist to them, classic in their story telling and life lessons. The audio is engaging and they use various music tracks to make the story telling come alive. Extremely well done.

#5 – Sparkle Stories

Sparkle Stories is a unique story telling gem. Each story is told by the same narrator and he does a great job at engaging the audience. I love Sparkle Stories because the stories are all originals, include lovely music (there might just be a ukulele), have a moral, and take us all over the world. The stories are heart felt and heart warming, and perfect for a bedtime story.

#6 – Story Home

The Story Home Children’s audio stories is another amazing story tiem show for kids. Another original series told by Alan Scofield, who truly enjoys his life’s work. The Story Home stories open children up to a world of hope, inspiration, and imagination.  Alan also reads classic tales by authors such as Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll and fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers’ Grimm.

My kids and I continue to explore this topic every day. I will be sure to share my discoveries with you. Don’t wait for road trip to listen!  My sons and I listen at bedtime, while we’re cooking, in the morning as we’re waking…don’t limit audio to car trips!

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