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Easy Montessori Geography Activity for Preschoolers: Land Forms


Introducing children to geography is extremely rewarding. Land forms offer a concrete way to achieve this introduction.  These land form activities are hands on, visual tools to get your child to start thinking critically about LAND FORMS. Both geography activities require kids to work fine motor skills, too, which is always a bonus!

land forms

Learning about Land Forms

land forms preschool activity

Activity 1: Lake & Island

Land & Lake Activity

  • Four pieces of construction paper (2 brown or green and 2 blue)
  • Glue Stick or Glue
  • Take your piece of green/brown paper, fold it (doesn’t even have to be in half)
  • Tear out a circular shape (doesn’t have to be an actual circle)
  • Glue torn piece of brown/green paper (your “island”) onto the blue paper
  • Glue blue paper onto the back side of the brown/green paper & take a look at your “lake”
  • On one side you have your lake and on the other side you have your island. (Pretty handy, huh?)
land form preschool activity with construction paper

Activity 2: Land Forms

Land Forms Activity

Pardon my labeling above. Typically you would work with the child to label or have separate labels in a slightly neater approach. I did this labeling a bit quickly.

This activity is slightly tricky (at least it was for me) so you may want to use a land forms guide. There are plenty of free Montessori land form cards out there so take a look. Here is a wonderful round up post on Land Forms from Living Montessori Now.

Start tearing your green or brown paper. Take a look at the result. I “tried” to tear bays, capes, etc but honestly, tear away and see if you can identify some land forms from your tear. Glue brown/green onto the blue paper. See if you can identify a straight or a gulf. Work with your child. It’ll be fun.

land form activity

Pretty simple, right? This geography activity is fine, hands on, and will “hook your child” into geography.

Thanks for visiting today. I hope we inspired you.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.