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Preschool Valentine Math & Fine Motor Activity


This easy Preschool Valentine activity is the perfect work to add to your home or classroom. Children not only work their fine motor skills, they also work their early math skills. This Valentine Lace by Number Card allows children to work fine motor skills through lacing and paper punching, while utilizing early math numeration skills. Plus, children exercise their creativity by designing their heart. Additionally, this activity can be adjusted for the age group. Make the holes bigger or fewer for younger children, or use thread instead of yarn for older children.

Preschool Valentine Activity

Valentine Lacing Card

Materials Needed for Valentine Activity

  • Yarn. Any color will do just fine. We used blue because that happens to be my son’s favorite color. Go Valentine’s colors, or not.  Use as many colors as you would like to use.
  • Heart cut out made from Card Stock or Card Board. I bought our hearts at Michaels. Ian sure your local craft store has a few in stock, but these hearts are easy to make without buying them.
  • Paper Hole Punch. We used a heart paper hole punch to add a cute little detail.
  • Marker for writing the numbers
  • Scissors for cutting yard and possibly the heart cut out.
  • Markers, crayons, and stickers for decorating the heart (optional).

Valentine Lacing Card Materials

Steps to the Valentine Activity

  • Gather your materials.
  • Paper hole punch around the heart cut out.
  • Write numbers on each hole indicating the path the child should follow.
  • Cut a good length of yarn.
  • Anchor the yarn with a knot or a bead.
  • Call the child over and introduce the activity.
  • Invite the child to decorate his heart.
  • Explain that he is to begin at number one and thread the yarn through to hole marked with number two.
  • Demonstrate the first few holes.
  • Help with anchoring the yarn if necessary.

Valentine Lacing Card for Kids

What Kids Get from this Activity

  • Creativity with designing their heart
  • Numeration work
  • Fine motor skill development with lacing and paper hole punching
  • Adorable take home project for parents to admire

Did you love this activity? Do you want more? Check out my Valentine Activities Pack!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.