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Explode a Pumpkin with Rubber Bands & Other Exciting Montessori Pumpkin Activities


Fall is the perfect time to explore pumpkins and engage children in exciting and educational activities. In the Montessori approach, hands-on experiences are key to fostering a love of learning and promoting holistic development.

With pumpkins as the focus, children can explore various subjects while embracing the spirit of the season. In this article, we will share a range of engaging Montessori pumpkin activities that encourage sensory exploration, math skills, language development, and fine motor development.

Get ready for some fall-inspired fun!

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter, and pumpkin patches are popping up all over town. What could be more fun than spending a day at the pumpkin patch?

How about exploding pumpkins with rubber bands or making them into a Jack-o-lantern? Keep reading for some exciting pumpkin activities to enjoy with your students this fall.

Are you looking for pumpkin activity ideas for your classroom or home? You have arrived at the right place, my Montessori friend! You will be pleased to know that this post includes loads of Montessori pumpkin activities!

Montessori Pumpkin Activities

Let me know what you think of these pumpkin activities! I tried to cover most areas of a Montessori early childhood classroom. I would love to hear any thoughts and ideas you have for adding to this pumpkin activities list.

Montessori Pumpkin Activities

Pumpkin Sensory Exploration

  • Set up a sensory table or tray with a large pumpkin and various materials like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks, fabric strips, and pumpkin-scented playdough.
  • Encourage children to touch, smell, and explore the textures and scents associated with pumpkins.
  • Provide magnifying glasses or spoons for further investigation and discussion.

Pumpkin Math Activities

Pumpkin Language Development

  • Descriptive Adjectives – Provide descriptive word cards like “orange,” “bumpy,” “round,” and “heavy.” Have children choose appropriate words to describe pumpkins and use them in sentences.
  • Pumpkin Storytelling – Read pumpkin-themed books and encourage children to create their own stories using pumpkins as characters or settings. Foster creativity and language skills through imaginative storytelling.

Pumpkin Fine Motor Development

  • Pumpkin Scooping – Give children small pumpkins and child-safe scoops or spoons. Let them scoop out the pulp and seeds, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Pumpkin Hammering – Provide golf tees and a soft mallet. Show children how to tap the tees into the pumpkin, encouraging hand strength and precision.

Pumpkin Art and Crafts

  • Pumpkin Printing – Cut a pumpkin in half and use it as a stamp with orange paint. Children can create pumpkin prints on paper, fabric, or other surfaces.
  • Pumpkin Collage – Provide a variety of materials like tissue paper, yarn, and craft paper. Let children create a collage by gluing the materials onto a pumpkin-shaped template.

Practical Life Activities

  • Pumpkin Guts Exploration from Stir the Wonder
  • Puffy Pumpkin Lacing from I Can Teach My Child
  • Pumpkin Pillow Sewing
  • Use a strainer to sift out pumpkin seeds in a sensory tub filled with rice or small beans
  • Roast and season pumpkin seeds for a snack (have kids help gut the pumpkin!)
  • Hammer tees into pumpkins (maybe the perfect seasonal fine motor work)

Sensorial Activities

pumpkin activities

Math Activities

  • Counting Seeds – Cut open a pumpkin and have children count the seeds. Use numerals or number cards to represent the quantities.
  • Pumpkin Weighing – Compare the weight of different-sized pumpkins using a balance scale or a kitchen scale. Have children order the pumpkins from lightest to heaviest.
  • Size Sorting – Collect pumpkins of various sizes and have children arrange them in order from smallest to largest or vice versa.
  • Basic numeration activity by cutting a pumpkin out, rolling dice, and using pumpkin seeds to match the dice roll
  • Replace card counters with pumpkin seeds
  • Measure the circumference and diameter of various pumpkins
  • Grade pumpkins by size

Science Activities

Geography Activities

  • Create Pumpkin Globes like these globes from The Creative Classroom

Engaging in Montessori pumpkin activities during the fall season provides children with hands-on learning experiences that stimulate their senses, promote math skills, language development, and fine motor development.

Through sensory exploration, math activities, language exercises, and art and crafts, children can immerse themselves in the world of pumpkins while fostering a love for learning. Embrace the fall spirit and ignite children’s curiosity with these exciting Montessori pumpkin activities.

Watch as they engage, discover, and develop essential skills while enjoying the wonders of the season.

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