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3 Super Simple Games for Kids So You Don’t Lose Your Mind


Simple is best. Simple games for kids are even better. My boys give evidence of this fact every day. While I pull my hair out to get stuff done and snag a minute for myself, I forget how kids crave simplicity. 

For example, we recently waited in a long (ridiculously long) line. This image of my son below accurately describes how we all felt during the experience.


My husband so exacerbated, had to take a walk outside. He needed a break from the whining and impending meltdowns (you know that feeling? Like you’re on borrowed time with a child about to lose it?).

Then I began this simple game. Time in the line flew by, and my kids were having fun! Below is a brief description of the activity, plus two variations for your creative types. {Wink.}


Try these 3 Simple Games for Kids

Simple Game – In Your Head

It goes like this…

“I am thinking of…”

Then fill in the blank with a person, place, or thing – whatever your child is interested in at that moment (to keep the game super interesting).

Examples include animals, planets, continents, ninjas, states, countries, scientists, fictional characters, explorers, sports figures, Thomas trains, plants, food, artists, and inventors.

Those players trying to guess ask questions that you’d find with a research outline framework like this FREE Research Outline for Kids from Montessori Printshop:

  • Does it fly or swim?
  • Does it live in the desert or the rainforest?
  • Does it have fur?
  • Is it a carnivore?
  • Does it have scales?

Simple Game Facebook

Simple Game – Images

A super fun version of this game is to attach a picture of an animal on a child’s back. The child then has to ask questions to guess what animal is on his back. This activity is great because kids don’t have to sit still.

They can move their bodies. These FREE Animal Movement Cards from Montessori Printshop would be great for this simple activity!

Simple Game – Act Out

I love this variation akin to charades.  This next version doesn’t use words. Instead of the player asking questions to discover the animal on his back, the other players act out the animal. This version combines learning and movement. Such a simple game, but kids genuinely enjoy it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.