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40 Beautiful Children’s Books that Help Teach a Child about Courage & Bravery


As parents, we all want to raise children who are inspiring role models – confident and brave individuals who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right and pursue their dreams. One of the best ways to initiate such virtuous qualities is by introducing them to books about courage and bravery at an early age.

Not only do these tales provide our little ones with hours of cinematic fun, but they also inspire positive values that can be used in life for many years to come! To help you navigate this wonderful world of literature, here’s a list of 40 amazing children’s books that feature valuable lessons on courage and bravery.

Using books to teach a child about courage is a great way to introduce such a big topic. Children’s stories about courage work to teach kids through examples of courage and bravery from liked-aged characters. 

I have loads of book lists ripe for teaching kids big topics, but, first, let’s take a step back: how beautiful is the etymology of the word “courage”?

Check out this amazing list of children's books that teach a child about courage in all it's forms and definitions! Beautiful books!

Middle English corage “the heart as a source of feelings, spirit, confidence,” from early French curage (same meaning), from coer “heart,” from Latin cor “heart” 

This post might help to begin the conversation with children: 101 Ways to Teach Kids Courage.

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Children’s Books to Teach a Child about Courage

With Memorial Day right around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of the day and how to expose my young children to the day of honor. That exploration resulted in this list of books that teach children courage.

I thought a lot about the definition of “courage” and ended up with a wide range. I hope this list reflects that spectrum of definitions. 

Books about courage Ish


It took me a long time to embrace the idea that life’s imperfections are what make things exciting and worthwhile. It is how we grow.

Children will love this book as Ish, through his younger sisters finds his way back to his art, gaining confidence and, most importantly, accepting himself.

To teach a child about courage Courage


A great courage book to ignite a conversation & teach about the myriad definitions of “courage”.

Children are encouraged to see courage in less apparent people, ways, and places in life.

spaghetti in a hot dog bun

Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

This book encourages kids to be true to their identity even in challenging situations. Even though the pressures in life make being kind seem “uncool” at the moment, we must teach kids that being the best person you can be is always cool.

Books about Courage The Talking Eggs

The Talking Eggs

The illustrations alone will draw you and your children into the magical Cinderella-esque folk tale about kind, sweet Blanche and her sister, bad-tempered, mean Rose.

The story reads like poetry and contains beautiful lessons on goodness, work ethic, honesty, and respect for children.  Perfect for teaching character development.

Books to teach child about courage Only One You

Only One You

My son received this book when his little brother was born. A beautiful, sweet book for children about to embark on a change in life.

Adri’s parents offer simple yet profound advice to their child as he explores the great big world.

Teach a Child about Courage The Bravest of Us All

The Bravest of Us All

I adore this book for many reasons. The story of two sisters who walk through life differently. One is a courageous one. The other, a younger sister, watches her older sister in awe. She thinks she’s fantastic.

The true test comes during a storm when the younger, Ruth Jane, must dig deep and help her older, brave sister, Velma Jean. A beautifully illustrated book with heartwarming messages about strength and courage.

Books to teach a child about courage The Daddy Mountain

The Daddy Mountain

This book is definitely for the younger crowd. The main character takes us on the scary, exciting journey of climbing up her dad. The book is cute and fun, not meant to dive deep into the meaning of courage but to gently introduce the idea.

This young girl may be small, but she has big plans. The artwork is fun.

Books to teach a child about courage Lost a Story in String

Lost! A Story in String

This book touched my heart. I mourn the loss of oral storytelling, particularly from generation to generation. The power goes out during a storm, and to combat the child’s complaint that she’s going to die without the t.v., the grandmother tells a story of a young girl lost in a blizzard. She tells the story using a string.

Courage comes through the grandmother’s story but is also less evident through believing in the art of storytelling for learning and entertainment.  The illustrations are lovely. The decorations in the back of the book will encourage children to recreate the story independently.

Books to teach a child about courage Pegasus


We’re huge fans of Greek mythology in our home. I love the heroes, in particular, who set great examples of strength and courage. This book is a definite winner. The illustrations are extraordinary.

Books to teach a child about courage Thank You Mr Falker

Thank You, Mr. Falker

This book is dear to my heart. A teacher can often make or break a child. This story tells us about a teacher who made a big difference in a young girl’s life.

Books to teach a child about courage Thunder Rose

Thunder Rose

Rose is a strong, determined, powerful young girl. The beautiful illustrations and humorous text will make a child happy and engaged.  I appreciated the range of ideas about what it means to be strong and courageous. It isn’t all about harnessing thunder and lightning.

Books to teach a child about courage Sheila Rae the Brave

Sheila Rae, the Brave

We love Kevin Henkes in our home. This story tells us about Sheila Rae, a fearless girl. Nothing can get in her way of being brave and strong. Alas, her pride doesn’t always make others feel great. So one day, she is put to an actual test of bravery.  

This story is beautifully put together. I love the relationship between the two sisters. Henkes does a great job of taking the reader along on the emotional ups and downs.

Books to teach a child about courage Little Yellow Leaf

The Little Yellow Leaf

A sweet book about a leaf not quite ready to leap falling from an oak tree as the autumn season begins. Even as the leaf sees other leaves floating by, he is still not ready. This book highlights the challenge of facing the unknown.

It can be frightening. It is okay to wait until you’re ready.  With the help of a scarlet leaf still clinging onto a branch, the yellow leaf leaps friendship and encouragement. The story and its illustrations are captivating to both children and adults.

It teaches a great lesson about having the courage to “let go” and explore an unknown world.

Courage books Peep

Peep!: A Little Book About Taking a Leap

We’ve all been frozen before “leaping” in life. Children facing these feelings for the first time can be caught off guard, not knowing what to do with the emotions.

With this book, children will learn a life lesson: what it takes and how to overcome a challenge, whether a big or a small obstacle. The artwork is simple, matching the text.

Books about courage The Dandelion Seed

The Dandelion Seed

A simple and beautiful book that will ignite a child’s desire to want to learn more. Although simple, this book carries big lessons to children and is, at the risk of being too dramatic, magical!  

The dandelion does not want to release into the world, but when he finally has no choice, he understands that although frightening at times, the journey can be incredible. The dandelion then passes on what he has learned from his experience.

Books about courage The Butterfly

The Butterfly

This book is suitable for presenting big topics (such as war and the Nazi regime) to lower elementary-aged children. Everything about the book is beautiful. It will surely encourage dialogue and questions from children.  

This book is based on a real-life experience makes it all the more powerful. Two young girls find themselves in an unlikely situation, secretly meeting and building a friendship full of meaning, full of hope, and unconditional love.

Pure and lovely. A story that teaches about friendship and being strong in life’s most difficult circumstances.

Books about courage Sybil Ludington Midnight Ride

Sybil Ludington’s Midnight Ride (On My Own History)

The book, appropriate for elementary-aged children, tells the true story of a young heroine in US history. Sybil is the daughter of an American patriot in the Revolutionary War.  She gets word that the British are attacking Connecticut.

So, she rides her horse, Star, through the night in Paul Revere fashion to gather the town to prepare for the attack.  The illustrations are soft and inviting to the reader. The afterward contains additional detail on this heroine’s life that educators will appreciate.

Books about courage Stuarts Cape

Stuart’s Cape 

One of the “lighter” books on this list (appropriate for 4-8-year-olds), this book tells the story of a bored, witty young boy in need of adventure.  Stuart relates to children because his big imagination takes him places that only a child’s mind could go.

However, when it comes down to it, Stuart is lonely and worried that he wouldn’t make friends in his new town, but he overcomes these feelings.

Books about courage Ruby Bridges

The Story Of Ruby Bridges

The illustrations tell the story on their own. However, I was captivated by the story of an extremely brave six-year-old named Ruby. In 1960, a judge ordered her to attend an all-white elementary school.

There was an uproar, and Ruby faced mobs and an empty classroom beginning her education. Her strength and courage are great examples of elementary-aged children.

Powerfully and effectively, the story introduces segregation through a six-year-old (I would have liked the book to be from her perspective, but the narrative still worked well) dedicated to her education and graceful in the trepidation all around her.

Books to teach a child about courage The Recess Queen

The Recess Queen

This book deals head-on with bullying, and I was impressed by the conflict resolution involving no adult intervention. Of course, the issue of bullying in most cases won’t be cured this easily, but it gives 4 to 8-year-olds insight into the topic, hopefully provoking thought and questions.

In addition, the Recess Queen reads in a fun, excellent rhythmic manner. Furthermore, children love the artwork, too. Finally, the lessons contained within its pages include self-esteem, courage, integrity, and other character-building traits. A must-have for your home and classroom.

Books to teach a child about courage Princess Knight

The Princess Knight

Dealing head-on with gender stereotypes, this book teaches children that young girls are capable. A young princess disguises herself as male to enter a contest that she ultimately dominates, giving her freedom to be who she wants to be and live as she desires.

She stands tall and, through hard work, overcomes her brothers’ teasing and mocking. The main character is strong, smart, and courageous. An excellent example for young girls and boys (ages 3+).

Books about courage Little polar bear and the brave little hare

Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare

I find the Little Polar Bear series endearing for the stories and watercolor artwork. Constantly weaving a sweet lesson of friendship into his storytelling, author Hans de Beer offers us lessons of overcoming fear, facing fear in challenging moments, and ultimately being courageous.

These books are for preschool-aged children (and younger), but the lessons can certainly be applied to older children.

Books about courage If I Never Ever Endeavor

If I Never Forever Endeavor

This book is sweet. A young bird contemplates giving his new wings a go while dealing with uncertainties like whether his wings will work. Facing this fear, coupled with the idea that just maybe his wings will take him on a grand adventure exploring the world, he ultimately gives his wings a try.

The lesson of “you won’t know unless you try” resonates throughout the pages, while Meade’s unique artwork draws us in. The story lets children know that taking risks in life is worthwhile and that, while sitting in your nest is easy and comfortable, it won’t take you places!

Don’t miss this helpful guide for parents and teachers!

Books about courage The Terrible Plop

The Terrible Plop

Rhyming text and vibrant, colorful drawings bring us into the story. My sons adore The Terrible Plop. Underlying the fun is a good lesson for children: not all bumps and noises are as scary as they seem.

I love how the author gives the reader insight from the start, so the animal’s behavior is even funnier. Pus making the little rabbit the courageous one is spot on. The Terrible Plop will be one of those books you’ll find yourself renewing again and again from the library.

So, you might as well buy it.

Brave Charlotte and the Wolves Books about courage

Brave Charlotte and the Wolves

We love the artwork in this book. The paintings are lovely, but the expressions on the sheep’s faces are well done. Brave Charlotte often acts in ways that make her unique from her peers. She is full of adventure, daring, and courage.

One day she uses these qualities to investigate a sound that others would not. Charlotte’s innovative thinking resolves the situation and makes the other sheep appear foolish and cowardly.

I Dont Want to Go Books to teach a child about courage

I Don’t Want to Go

I read this book to my almost five-year-old before his first adventure away from home. It did the trick. Joey, the main character, is nervous about staying at his grandparent’s by himself. He imagines the worst.

In the end, however, he ultimately embraces the idea that stepping outside our comfort zones gives us new experiences & opens our eyes to the world in ways we never could imagine. Adorable addition at the end of the book, too.

I won’t ruin the surprise!

Bear and Me books about courage

Bear and Me

This cute book is about a young girl and her bear. They often play together. Bear is not always brave. We can’t help but wonder when he will be brave enough to do these new things.

Read me a Story Stella Books about courage

I like how this story depicts how children often work out their fears and problems: through play. Sweet illustrations that younger children will surely love.

Read Me a Story, Stella

The artwork alone makes this book worth picking up. Furthermore, it emphasizes the joys of reading and all the adventure that comes from books. Sam and Stella have a lovely day that ends with Sam asking Stella to read to him.

This book reminds us of the beauty of childhood and organic exploration. If we dare to step away to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, great joy will come to us.

Nasreens School Books about courage

Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan

One of the more overtly “courageous” books on this list, a definitely worthwhile read with elementary-aged children. Based on a true story, this book will open children’s eyes to the power of education, friendship, and love. 

After Nasreen’s parents disappear, she stops speaking. Her grandmother wants to help her, which leads her to take a significant risk for her granddaughter. This topic is a big one to introduce to young children. It will open dialogue.

Children will have many questions. So, be prepared to answer them!

The Breadwinner Books to teach a child about courage

The Breadwinner

Also set in Afghanistan, The Breadwinner delivers an important, albeit heavy, message to older elementary-aged children. The author, Deborah Ellis, highlights straightforwardly the truth of the circumstances and provides excellent detail.

The main character, Parvana, shows tremendous courage as she ventures out of her home disguised as a male to help her family. This heroine fights oppression and risks her life to survive.  

Ellis spent months researching and interviewing young Afghan refugees. This story was born from that research. You’ll find your students and children will respond to this book and have many questions.

My Diary from Here to There Books about courage

My Diary From Here to There

I love how this story is based on her family’s immigration to America. Amada journals her thoughts, fears, worries, and emotions as her family leaves Mexico for a “better life” in America.

Amada thinks any child can relate to making friends and being in a new place. Soon Amada discovers she is strong enough to face her new life in America. The illustrations are colorful and lively.

Books about courage Skellig


Skellig is appropriate for 8-12-year-olds. Michael is ten years old. His family is moving to a new home and is dealing with family trauma. Written beautifully, the book will open your imagination and will invite questions from children on a fairly big topic in life.

In any event, Skellig will undoubtedly get you and your children to think.

Books to teach a child about courage Magic Pebble

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Appropriate for 3-7-year-olds, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble will win you over with the drawings and the beautiful language. Many excellent themes run throughout this book that guide children to empathy and to find happiness without a magic pebble.

The message that having the courage to believe you don’t need more or something else to be fulfilled in life carries a lot of weight. Honestly, I could go on and on about this book. So, do yourself a favor, and go pick up a copy! You’ll be happy you did so!

Books to teach a child about courage Pete and Pickles

Pete & Pickles

This book, about an unlikely friendship that ultimately deepens and proves strong, brought tears to my eyes as I read it to my children for the first time.  Similarly, it also tells the tale of courage. Pete & Pickles, a pig and an elephant, have a profound relationship in that they help one another survive on many levels.

This a good message for adults and children alike. Plus, Berkeley Breathed writes beautifully, and the illustrations captivate the audience.

Books about Courage Violet the Pilot

Violet the Pilot

We love this book because it opens our eyes to the possibilities and ignites a desire to tinker around our home!  Best of all, the main character is a young girl with extraordinary mechanical engineering talent.

Therefore, she will undoubtedly teach children about persevering, innovating, inventing, and staying true to their talents. Finally, a great lesson is that marching to your beat is okay.

Teach Children about Courage - Rosie Revere Engineer

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Rosie Revere, Engineer, is a popular favorite among parents and children. This book highlights a young girl who dreams up and creates inventions for her friends and family. There are many solid messages in this book.

First, the main character is a girl. Yup, girls can build and invent too. Next, the focus is on imagination and creation. Finally, there is a lesson that failure is not only okay but necessary to truly succeed with your ideas.

Teach Children about Courage - Iggy Peck Architect

Iggy Peck, Architect

The main character, Iggy Peck, begins his journey at two years old as he builds a tower from glue and diapers. Children love this story and David Roberts’ illustrations.

His teacher does not support Iggy’s talent until that is Iggy comes to the rescue and creates a plan involving his classmates to save his teacher from being stuck on a small island on a field trip.

Books to teach a child about courage Helen Keller

From that point on, Iggy is free to grow and develop his extraordinary talent. My boys were so inspired by this book that they have wanted to build bridges since reading it from straws, cardboard, and everyday materials around our home. This book certainly ignited their desire to learn.

A Girl Named Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s story has a lot to give children. Lundell’s version is particularly appealing for the illustrations and simple language for young readers (lower elementary).

Keller teaches children that life hands us obstacles but that we can overcome these obstacles with strength, courage, and the help of people in our lives. The story also opens up a conversation about people with varying abilities.

Teach Children about Courage - Amelia Earhart

I am Amelia Earhart

Ah, Amelia Earhart was a pioneer who continues to teach generation after generation.  Her message is timeless.  In other words, we are all capable of doing great things.

As we often read about heroes but teaching children to seek out the hero within them is a whole new way of looking at what it means to be a hero (e.g., hard work, accepting failure, not being afraid to follow your dreams).

The illustrations are cute and sure to win children’s hearts (my boys, aged 3.5 and 5, liked them). The writing is geared toward lower elementary-aged children.

Teach Children about Courage - Back of the Bus

Back of the Bus

Back of the Bus by Aaron Reynolds tells the Rosa Parks story. There are many versions of this story for young children, but I chose this one because I liked the illustrations. In addition, the point of view is that of a child in the back of the bus.

The writing, melodic and lovely, is also worth noting. Furthermore, I hardly need to mention that Ms. Parks continues to teach children about being courageous during the most challenging circumstances in life. Thus, this book is perfect for elementary-aged children.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Children’s Books that Teach Courage! Please share your favorite books that teach a child about courage!


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