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11 Simple Ways to Teach Kids Peace Starting TODAY


Is it possible to teach kids peace? Dr. Maria Montessori always emphasized children as being an integral part of the peace process. It seems that the present time is calling for a focus on that teaching again.

Are you looking for ways to help promote peace in your classroom, or even at home? Look no further! Here are eleven simple – and effective – ways to get started. And the best part? You can start TODAY!

teach peace to kids

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.  ~ Dr. Montessori

How Does Montessori Teach Peace?

Dr. Montessori’s peace “curriculum” drew me in immediately. The approach makes sense. There are three levels of experiencing peace: world peace, community peace, and inner peace.

How beautiful to recognize the levels of peace within one’s life? World peace is a big topic full of politics and inequality.

can we teach kids peace?

Community (or in our children’s case classroom) peace celebrates the ability to resolve conflict, while inner peace pays attention to the needs within one’s self whatever those needs may be.

In the United States this month we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The topics of peace, justice, and equality are opportunities for us adults to begin dialogues with our children, the leaders of tomorrow.

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Dr. Montessori’s ideas for the classroom are as relevant today as they ever were for children and for teachers. Below are a few ideas to get you started on bringing peace into your home or classroom.

11 Ways to Teach Kids Peace

Natural Light

This idea seems simple but packs a considerable punch in energy levels.

Plant Life

Caring for and understanding plants is a big step toward compassion and kindness.

Practice Gratitude

Ask questions to get children thinking about their ideas around appreciation.


Reduce Waste

A healthy environment is a powerful message to keep the peace with Mother Earth. Understanding how to care for the environment and its needs depending on the habitat carves the way for peacemaking.

Silence Game

A classic Montessori work for the early childhood classroom. See this post on the Silence Activity for more details!

Prepare Yourself

Most of us adults forget to evaluate ourselves before influencing young children’s lives. Taking a spiritual journey is a requirement of Montessori training. Preparing yourself for the classroom, in general, is critical. I wrote about preparing ourselves for the classroom in this post a while ago.

11 Simple Ways to Teach Kids Peace

Teach Kids Courage

Cultivating peace or pursuing peace is a big job requiring courage. I researched the BEST books to teach children about courage, no matter your definition—one of my most popular posts over the last two years. I think you will enjoy the ideas.

Books to Teach Kids Peace

Along the same vein as courage, teaching kids about peace can be a paralyzing start. What a big topic! Where do we begin? That is precisely why I came up with this list of books to teach kids about peace.

Yoga Cards

Inner peace is often forgotten. How can we teach our children to self-regulate in a  way that honors their emotions as strongly as they may be? Integrating meditation into the daily routine is a massive step in the right direction.

The ABC Yoga Cards for Kids is a phenomenal way to ignite a child’s desire to want meditation to be a daily part of his life.

Quiet Corner

No matter who we are, a quiet corner is a must. Even the most extroverted person needs a space where she can slow down her engine. Creating a go-to quiet corner is critical in a child’s environment, whether at home or in the classroom.

All it takes is a few pillows or a comfy chair, a window or natural light, a book, a plant, a blanket, and headphones with easy-listening music…the possibilities for a quiet corner are seemingly endless.

Outdoor Quiet Space

Just as important as the indoor space for calm is an outdoor space. Have each child identify a sitting spot where he or she can go. We have a family sitting spot in our yard and designated individual sitting spots around our outdoor space.

Kids take ownership, name the space, and decorate it as they see fit. Truly lovely!

What are your ideas?


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