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Want to Teach Kids Money Sense?


One thing is for certain, kids love their devices and they use them, a lot. My husband and I integrate technology into our home in a variety of ways including learning for the whole family.

The value of hands-on booking learning is not lost in our home, as evidenced by our numerous shelves of books all around our home, but we like what devices offer our family in terms of convenience, entertainment, living and especially learning.

teach kids about money

Technology offers the opportunity to access children in ways that were far more difficult in the past, drilling in on important topics, such as financial responsibility, far more effectively than ever before simply because technology engages them. Furthermore, technology allows us to give them control of their learning. The result? Technology will encourage our children. They will be more motivated to learn.

How to Use Technology to Teach Money Sense

In thinking about ways to teach my children about financial responsibility, I have a philosophy nailed down, thought about an allowance system and researched children’s books. I have even pondered a chore management system.

Still, though I feel overwhelmed with the topic. I know what I want to get across to my boys in theory but where I get stuck (or paralyzed) is with execution – the practice – of integrating the teachings of financial responsibility into our home. How do you guide children to understanding the meaning of earning a dollar, savings versus spending and long-term money management?

Solutions exist within technology.

I recently discovered My Job Chart, a simple and easy way to teach children money sense. Not only is it easy to use, their online tool relieves parents of the “struggle” to instill such important life skills in their children. Plus as a parent, you will be able to see your children excited about learning and gain these skills so vital to being a productive and successful person.

My Job Chart provides an easy solution for parents. The FREE product will help you guide your children to successful life stewards. My Job Chart is one example of technology producing great products and services.

In essence, they offer a FREE and extremely simple online chore chart. In practice, children log into their account, do their chores and earn points to share, spend or save. You set up everything – the chores, the rewards, the timing – in advance. Then your children are their own chore managers by logging into their account. So it is fun for kids engages them and is hands on.

Kids learn by “doing”.

They are hard-wired to guide their own learning and development. If given the opportunity, the responsibility, to control or to “own” aspects of their learning and therefore their life, they will develop healthy self-esteem and confidence as well as learn how to make good decisions.

From cell phones to Ipads to laptops, kids are communicating, transacting, learning and entertaining. Our family supplements tradition modes of learning with technology to keep our kids engaged and to tackle big topics like financial responsibility effectively and with fun and enjoyment.

There is an opportunity to engage kids and to teach them things that may have been more difficult, less interesting to them or less convenient for us. Technology removes many of those obstacles for & money opt in SQUARE

Thank you for choosing to read this post. Please leave a comment. I love hearing from you. Definitely, take a look at My Job Chart when you have a moment. You won’t regret it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.