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Toddler Homeschool Routine Template for At Learning at Home


Here is a sample of one morning this week (J is 3.25 and Y is 1.75 years old):

We started the morning pre-breakfast with Whale coloring and connecting the dots pages.

Opening Song: Round and Round by Deborah Stewart

This song is lovely and great to get my boys’ bodies moving but also gets their bodies to sit on the rug. The last bit of the song helps with that goal.

Movement: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Learning Cards

yogaforkids e

Toddler Homeschool Routine

We love to integrate yoga into our mornings. I only chose a few cards from the deck. I didn’t want to overwhelm them. So I chose cards relevant to our themes this week. We each took a turn choosing a card and doing the pose together.

We did this approach twice. I appreciate the opportunity to stretch and open up my body. I think my boys did too.

Calendar: Days of the Week Song and Calendar Work

We talked about how this month we have a holiday and my mother’s birthday. My older son wants to make a card for the calendar for her birthday. Very sweet. This is the calendar we use by the way. It works well for us.

Mandarin: Gordon & Li Li Learn Animals in Mandarin and Safari Replica Toobs

learningchinesepreschool e

I try to review the themes the boys are learning in their Mandarin class then read a book or listen to Chinese Nursery Rhymes. This day we went through Gordon & Li Li Learn Animals in Mandarin.

I like Gordon & Li Li’s books because they are simple and present the vocabulary in a few ways with an illustration: the Chinese character, Pinyin and Phonetics.

Geography: Turkey

My older son’s preschool teacher recently lost her mother. She is Turkish and had to go back to Turkey to help her family.

This gave us an opportunity to look at Turkey on a map and learn a few things about its culture. Honestly, this lesson stopped at pointing Turkey out on a map and the seas that border the country.

Zoology: Sea Turtles

seaturtleunit e

We continued our exploration of Sea Turtles with Safari’s Sea Turtle Life Cycle and National Geographic’s Sea Turtle Magazine for Kids. We watched a Youtube video of a Sea Turtle hatching her eggs, which was pretty great.

Then we watched a song about the Sea Turtle Life Cycle. We also read Kai, The Honu Who Didn’t Know He Was Brave, which led us into Storytime ending our morning routine.

Story: The Pet Dragon

Keep in mind that the above took about 40 minutes and that my younger son began to wander 15-20 minutes into the routine. We then had a snack and headed outside.

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