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Yoga Resources & Why Yoga is part of our Home


I started a yoga practice after college. I moved to San Francisco and yoga was becoming increasingly popular to the mainstream. Plus I am a long distance runner and certain forms of yoga work wonders on a runner’s tight body.

What I found beyond opening up my body is that yoga brought a sense of balance and serenity to my busy brain, to my intense profession and to my life in general.

Kids and Yoga

So, nearly two decades later I still practice yoga. I have practiced throughout two pregnancies, ten marathons, postnatal, and with my children both in a studio and in my home. There are moments every day when an “Om Shanti” or two come in quite handy for both me and my boys!

Yoga for Kids

To include yoga as part of our Montessori homeschooling goals makes intuitive sense. Personally, my sons are intense like their parents. I believe strongly that they will need that break in the day to take a few deep breaths.

Plus practicing yoga with kids is fun for everyone. I feel fortunate that my son has had an interest in yoga ever since he saw his Uncle Eddie and Aunt Meg practicing it in our living room over Christmas. Each time he sees my yoga mat he references them.

It seems to me that yoga and Montessori go hand in hand. This lovely post from New Child Montessori describing the similarities between yoga and Montessori as well as the benefits of children practicing yoga is a quick read.

Tying yoga into a homeschooling curriculum is simple. Yoga provides a number of poses that are extremely conducive to kids’ interests and learning (a la downward facing dog, cobra, triangle). So practicing yoga slides smoothly into the ‘curriculum’.

Even more straightforward, we can’t forget that yoga is also physically bound to stretch our bodies and ultimately bring strength and bolster health. My advice to you is to not focus on Yoga as much as what Yoga brings to your home and your family.

What I mean is that don’t worry about the different types of yoga or not being able to get into a pose, think about your intention as you practice (balance, education for your children, relaxation, stretching, etc), and use yoga to meet that intention.


Yoga Books (many of these books include activities):

  • Yoga Zoo Adventure – A favorite of mine. I have already rechecked this book twice from our library. So many great and fun ways to integrate yoga into your daily routines and activities with your children
  • Stretch by Doreen Kronin – Not specific to yoga but introduces a lot of similar concepts and gets the kids moving
  • ABCs of Kids Yoga – A wonderful book, highly recommend
  • D is For Downward Dog

There are several other books I have on hold at our local branch of the library. Some tell a story and some are more instructional. I am really excited to dig into them with my boys.

Yoga Activities and Resources:

Locally here in Seattle we have wonderful resources for Family Yoga and Kids Yoga. 8 Limbs and Limber Yoga studios are my favorites. Limber Yoga has Mom and Baby, Family Yoga, and a Toddler Open Gym. Amazing.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.