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Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschoolers with Hearts & Buttons


So many Valentine’s Day activities for kids with only Foam Hearts and White Buttons. Simple and inexpensive activities are the best, right? Plus, activities that give children the opportunity to explore their senses and use their creativity is an added bonus.


Simple & Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Button Sorting

We sorted round and square, same and different, small and large, two buttons and four buttons. I place different colored hearts vertically along the floor, then placed whatever button corresponded to that heart directly above it. A small bowl of buttons – with only those buttons (e.g. big and small) relevant to the exercise – in front of the vertical line of hearts.


Valentine’s Day Button Texture

We closed our eyes and felt a bag of buttons. We also glued buttons onto a foam heart. Once dry, the heart made for a great texture card.

Valentine’s Day Button Counting

We counted all the buttons possible. Then for my older son, we counted in units of ten up to 100 alongside our abacus. For my younger son, I wrote numbers up to 5 on hearts and we counted buttons to match the number on the heart.

Valentine’s Day Button Valentines

We glue buttons onto hearts then layered foam heart cutouts to add a little something. These Valentine’s will be sent to grandparents.


Valentine’s Day Button Toss

What’s a button activity without a little gross motor skill work? We took turns tossing buttons into various boxes and containers. We talked about what made some shots easier or harder than others. Use language like “narrow/wide”, “distance” and “shallow/deep”.

I hope we inspired you today. We love Valentine’s Day because it is a day that celebrates friendship, kindness, and compassion! Simple and inexpensive is the way to go with activities for kids!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.