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Walk the Line Montessori Grace and Courtesy Lesson


This Montessori Grace and Courtesy lesson is one of my favorite Montessori Practical Life lessons. The activity promotes wonders like self-regulation, balance, gross motor skills, calmness, and grace. Plus, it is a snap to integrate into your classroom or home.

Montessori Grace and Courtesy Walk the Line Lesson

Materials for Walk the Line

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All you need is tape to create the “line”, plus a basket with fun objects to create variations of Walking on the Line like:

  • A bell
  • A cup for water
  • Beads in a small dish
  • A bead and a small spoon
  • Bean bag for balancing on a child’s head

Montessori grace and courtesy walk the line lesson variations

How to Create the Line

I love this description from Info Montessori of how to create the line: “The “line” used during this exercise is a continuous and permanent shape in the environment. With its two straight lines and two lightly curved sides, an ellipse is what most environments have found to be the most suitable for this lesson.”

Montessori Grace and Courtesy Walk the Line Lesson

  • Ideally, the child walks on the line without shoes.
  • The width of the line should actually be a bit wider than a child’s shoe. I have never seen a line that wide, so don’t worry too much about that detail.
  • The line should be in plain view and should not have the children walking through or around any obstacles in the room.
  • Playing lovely classical music, or any calming music, is a wonderful addition.  One of my instructors used this exercise as a way to bring the children together at the start of the day.
  • Demonstrate to the children how to walk on the line by having them sit on the line.  Show them the slow movement and heel toe foot action.
  • Let the children know they can walk on the line whenever they would like to during the day.
  • Wait until the child has mastered simply walking on the line before adding any creative variations from the basket.

Modeling the Montessori grace and courtesy walk the line lesson

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.