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The Missing Symbol – Math Games for Kids


Math is fun! Yes, you read correctly! (Am I being too enthusiastic?) I am so excited to introduce this math game to you! Kids love it because they’re having fun and learning. I will say it again: Math can be fun!

I tested this math game on my boys recently. Kids are amazing in this way.

Seriously, the best “testers” that exist on the planet.

I created this game thinking, “Wow, this math game is cool, ” but only when I played the game with my sons did I realize all the tweaks that needed to happen to make the game super cool.

Super Fun Math Game Kids Love

math game for kids

This math game is perfect for children beginning to learn basic operations. I have other versions for your older children or the children wanting to work on language that I will share with you soon.  The math game comes with a master game board, basic addition & subtraction equation cards, and wild cards that send kids to jail, allow them to advance and have the child skip a turn.

math game for kids

Steps to Math Game

  • Download the math game printable
  • Print out & laminate the game board
  • Cut & laminate the game cards to be drawn by the children
  • Gather “player” pieces such as lego mini figures or gems
  • Read the rules (see below)
  • Place the game cards in a box, bag, or bowl from which the children can easily draw
  • Introduce the game to children

math game for kids

Math Game Rules

  • Use a gem or creative marker for your playing pieces.
  • The youngest player goes first.
  • If there is a player already in the space, you get to move to the next one.
  • When a player lands in jail, he must answer the next player’s card and allow the player to advance to the next space. Then he can return to the space that landed him in jail.
  • The first player to reach the finish wins.

I am excited to launch additional board games over the next few weeks. I hope your kids enjoy playing and learning with this math game as much as my kids! Math and learning can be fun with a little creativity and hands-on activities!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.