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110+ Simple Ways to Love Your Son


Unlike girls, boys connect by doing and by moving rather than by talking.  It is just the way it is, the way the brain develops and the natural matter of fact that male and female brains are different. Don’t believe me? Check out this book for more background. Additionally, I have learned to understand and to grow with my son as he grows up.

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He isn’t always going to want to hold him mom’s hand or willingly give his mom a hug or tell her that he loves her. It is necessary to adapt to his growth as hard as that may be for us moms.

Parenting tips for moms of boys

“Every one of our sons leaves home at some point. They become men who can return to help us mothers in ways that no other human can. They can teach us how to live our lives better. If we hold on long enough and love them always, they come back to us.” ― Meg Meeker, Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men

Ways to Love & to Connect with Your Son

  1. Play a card game that means something to you. In my family, playing gin rummy with my nana was a past time.
  2. Bake a cake, let him lead the process (Pretend Soup is a great book for cooking with kids)
  3. Tell a story with a pencil and paper, or orally, taking turns inventing or telling the memory
  4. Go for a hike somewhere new and by his choosing
  5. Go camping in a state park (no electronics allowed!)
  6. Go mountain biking
  7. Throw a frisbee (Don’t own a frisbee, this one is my favorite!)
  8. Give him a responsibility like caring for your pet, a younger sibling, or walking to the store to get milk
  9. Toss a ball
  10. Jump on a trampoline
  11. Build a fort
  12. Draw a comic 
  13. Create a mad lib
  14. Learn an instrument together
  15. Go the library
  16. Show that you trust him
  17. Love your partner in front of him
  18. Read a book aloud
  19. Write a note
  20. Visit a bookstore
  21. Attend a professional sports event
  22. Learn an instrument
  23. Write a story
  24. Look at old photos
  25. Play a mystery game
  26. Listen to live music
  27. Swim
  28. Go for a photo walk
  29. Ski
  30. Bowl
  31. Sled
  32. Make a holiday dessert
  33. Complete a puzzle
  34. Do a crossword
  35. Play cribbage
  36. Play backgammon
  37. Learn a new game together
  38. Build with Lego
  39. Create a car track
  40. Go rock climbing
  41. Watch a hockey game
  42. Attend a sports game
  43. Go for a haircut
  44. Try a new restaurant
  45. Try a new food
  46. Research a topic
  47. Build a snow fort
  48. Have a snowball fight
  49. Build a snowman
  50. Go skating
  51. Go camping
  52. Catch a fish
  53. Climb a rock
  54. Rollerskate
  55. Clip his nails
  56. Wash his hair
  57. Tuck him in
  58. Help him pick up
  59. Shoot hoops
  60. Play tennis
  61. Play hide and seek
  62. Build with K’Nex
  63. Tinker
  64. Build a city
  65. Experiment with science
  66. Explore in nature
  67. Sit with him at homework
  68. Help set the table
  69. help clean up the table
  70. Create a gift for someone else
  71. Wash dishes
  72. Empty the dishwasher
  73. Build a cardboard spaceship
  74. Paint
  75. Do yardwork
  76. Roll down a hill
  77. Do somersaults
  78. Kayak
  79. Surf
  80. Build a sand castle
  81. Let him bury you in sand
  82. Run with him
  83. Skip with him
  84. Make chocolate from scratch
  85. Fly a kite
  86. Go on an airplane with him
  87. Let him settle the bill
  88. Let him call his grandmother
  89. Let him plan the meals for the week
  90. Give him the opportunity to care for a younger sibling
  91. Blow glass with him
  92. Do the laundry with him
  93. Snuggle with him
  94. Read a book with him
  95. Share a secret with him
  96. Look at old family photos
  97. Research a part of the world
  98. Build a robot
  99. Sketch a dream home
  100. Play a game of chess
  101. Race a monkey bar
  102. Have a picnic
  103. Plan a game night
  104. Compete in a board game
  105. Watch a pre-planned movie
  106. Facetime with nana
  107. Dig in the sand
  108. Run through a sprinkler
  109. Have a balloon fight
  110. Nerf gun war
  111. Plant a garden

What else would you add?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.