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80+ Easy & Fun Indoor Games for Kids


No one ever said parenting was easy, but with a bit of creativity, it can be fun too! If you’re looking for some indoor games to keep your kids entertained, look no further.

We’ve put together a list of over 80 games that are sure to keep everyone busy and happy. So get ready to have some fun with these easy games for kids!

A group of kids playing in an indoor gym

Are you looking for easy & fun indoor games for kids? I had so much fun researching and writing this post. I identified dozens and dozens of unique indoor games kids would love.

Even the most creative and energetic person in the universe has those moments when they run out of games to play. Some days, especially when stuck indoors for a variety of reasons, such as a rainy day, identifying fun activities for kids to play at home can be difficult and frustrating!

A group of kids playing with kinetic sand indoors

Let’s be honest; there will come a day when desperation calls during colder months over the winter and school breaks, especially if you have a strict technology rule. These games are perfect for younger and older kids.

I love my kids to pieces. I work hard to make space for them to be creative and to be able to freely use their imaginations. I take the time to think carefully about how to structure our environment in a way that is conducive to this creativity.

But let’s be honest…on a crappy weather-related day…I often feel like this image below…

indoor activities for kids

Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Yup, you won’t find me a “free-range” parent. I believe, as a Montessorian especially, that kids need a lot of liberty within a well-planned environment no matter if at home, in the wilderness, or in the classroom.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean to plan out every tiny detail of materials and of time. I suggest preparing ahead of time. Your goal is to be proactive rather than reactive.

Don’t be afraid to give your child the chance to lead his learning and development by creating a safe and prosperous environment.

Does that make sense?

75 Indoor Activities for Kids

Now, don’t let me talk you into staying indoors on a less than an appealing day – rain, snow, hail, whatever. I have loads of ideas for getting outside on those sorts of days, too. With that out of the way, allow me to be your muse. Here is my ultimate list of great ideas for indoor games for older and younger kids!

The goal of these activities is to keep them simple and to keep it inexpensive. Oh, yes, and, of course, having loads of indoor fun! These activities are perfect for kids of all ages, even toddlers!

fun indoor activities for kids

Easy & Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

  1. Build a Pulley
  2. Build a Balloon Rocket
  3. Experiment with Electricity
  4. Baking Soda & Vinegar
  5. Use markers on the windows (gasp!)
  6. Ooblek or Gak
  7. Yoga Storytelling
  8. Soap Souffle
  9. Friction Experiments
  10. Brain Breaks such as hopping on one foot while tapping your nose, swinging your arms left to right and back again
  11. Play Dominoes
  12. Cardboard Box Invention
  13. Write a story together
  14. Illustrate the story
  15. Built a fort using pillows
  16. Build a fort using blankets & chairs
  17. Build a path of pillows
  18. Create and explore sensory tubs


  1. Have a pillow fight
  2. Walk the Line
  3. Create a blindfolded indoor obstacle course
  4. Build a spaceship from cardboard boxes
  5. Design and then build a car ramp
  6. Create cool perler bead designs & patterns
  7. Build a reading nook with chairs, blankets, baskets of books, stuffed animals, and flashlights
  8. Put on a play with stuffed animals
  9. Listen to music
  10. Make your own music
  11. Bake a dessert for your neighbor
  12. Cook dinner for your family
  13. Pretend play

fun indoor activities

Easy Indoor Activity Ideas for Kids

  1. Pretend you’re at the movie theater & go to the movies (popcorn and all)
  2. Workbooks but Not Really Workbooks (we LOVE these summer Brain Quest books all year round!)
  3. Drawing Center
  4. Install a trapeze bar (okay, this one is not so simple but totally worth it!)
  5. Challenging Puzzle 
  6. Read a Book Aloud Together
  7. Measure pulses & notice body temperatures by having the kids go outside, run around the house as fast they can, and come back in…
  8. Mini trampoline (or choose a bed to bounce!)
  9. Create a family recipe
  10. Set up an indoor obstacle course 
  11. Set up a timed indoor obstacle course
  12. Have the kids hop on one foot, jump up and down, spin, etc and then measure heart rates!
  13. Study xRays
  14. Fold & put away laundry (gasp!)
  15. Indoor color hunt
  16. Shape hunt
  17. Letter/sound hunt
  18. Match small calendar images to large calendar images
  19. Put on a play (write it and then act it out)
  20. Dance party
  21. Charades
  22. Use a straw to blow a cotton ball across a “finish line”
  23. Play limbo
  24. Make an obstacle course or web with painters or masking tape across a doorway
  25. Create shapes on the floor and challenge kids to jump from one to another
  26. Play balloon ping pong
  27. Create a “long jump” with painters or masking tape
  28. Make a masking tape road for your vehicle lovers (by the way, this race track tape is SUPER cool!)
  29. Indoor hopscotch
  30. Put a balloon under the shirt and see if you and a partner can pop it
  31. Put a balloon between your thighs and race
  32. Create a sticky spider web
  33. Build paper airplanes
  34. Do origami (this origami kit is our favorite)

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

  1. Cook with your toddlers
  2. Play board games, especially ones like Twister!
  3. Go on an indoor scavenger hunt
  4. Army crawl
  5. Go on an indoor listening walk
  6. Use a blindfold to lead someone around the house
  7. Play hide and seek with animal sounds
  8. Decorate a snowscape window
  9. Make a mystery bag with objects from around the house
  10. Create smelling bottles
  11. Create sound bottles
  12. Build a Kazoo
  13. Create a Sound Bag
  14. Watch a tv show without sound and make up your own words to go along with the story
  15. Create a maze with tape
  16. Make a web and try to make your way through it
  17. Have an indoor snowball fight with extra large pom poms!
  18. Use paper plates to “skate” or “slide” on the floor
  19. Use a broken-down box to “slide” down the stairs
  20. Bring the snow indoors with Insta Snow
  21. Blow bubbles in the below-freezing weather (ok, technically an outdoor activity)
  22. Throw hot water in the below-freezing water (ok, another outdoor activity)
  23. Have a tropical dress-up party
  24. Go bowling INSIDE
  25. Take shaving cream in the tub & let the kids go at it
  26. Play basketball with a trash can or basket and bean bags
  27. Create a map of your house


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.