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Where Do I Start with Montessori? Helpful Hints for Newcomers.


“I am new to Montessori and am excited to bring all activities into our home! There are so many amazing Montessori activities out there but how do I know where to start with Montessori? How do I know my next steps?”

This reader is not alone. I can certainly relate and, if you’re reading this post, well, you obviously can relate, too.

One of the main reasons my Montessori e-course for parents and homeschoolers exists is to mitigate this challenge. My goal is to get you comfortable and confident in your abilities to bring Montessori into your home environments. It is so easy to be intimidated by the vast amounts of information flying at us.


Don’t worry, though, I’ve got your back. You have to remember that the journey is just that – a journey – it is a lifestyle and changes to a lifestyle don’t happen overnight. So, go easy on yourself. Take a step back and absorb all there is to learn about Montessori.

5 Easy Ways to Start with Montessori at Home Now

#1 – Do your research and understand the Montessori philosophy and how it differs from traditional schooling approaches. Learn the key tenets of the Montessori philosophy

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#2 – Integrate Montessori into your home today with these simple tips

#3 – Don’t assume an activity is Montessori simply because it is labeled as such.  What makes an activity Montessori is not black and white, of course, but there are general parameters.

#4 – Embrace what you need to do every day in order to be a Montessori family

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#5 – Educate yourself on the key ingredients of the Montessori lesson. Even though you may not be giving the lessons, you’ll have a good sense of the sequence of lessons and development of your child

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.