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I’m Spoiling My Kids this Year & Here is How I am Doing It


‘Mama, can we do gingerbread houses this weekend?’

I didn’t hesitate for a moment.


You see just like with most things in life eating treats and being indulgent involves a bit of self-regulation.

There is a lesson in allowing children to experiencing excess and to guiding to be able to reign themselves back into taking care of their bodies and the people in their lives.

How many gifts is too much at Christmas?

That question is not black and white. I wish I could tell you that the “3 Gifts Per Child Rule” is a good one, but I can’t. Gifts come in many forms. I hope to teach my children that the gift of love, good food, laughter, family, and, well, being alive are the greatest presents at any time of the year.


How to Spoil Your Kids the Right Way

  1. Involve them in writing Christmas cards and in writing thank you cards. We love choosing our cards on Tiny Prints. You can actually design together online. It is a really great experience for kids.
  2. Help them craft a letter to Santa and his reindeer that incorporates asking about life in the North Pole, the elves, Ms. Claudia and offers gratitude for his hard work.
  3. Create a new tradition together
  4. Ask them to create the menu
  5. Fill them with love and fill others with love in the presence of others
  6. Read with them
  7. Get outside
  8. Tell stories about your childhood and your family
  9. Give the gift of experiences.
  10. Play board games.

What about you? How are you going to spoil your kids this year?



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.