Montessori Inspired Easter Activities

Here are a few “back to the basics” Montessori Inspired Easter activities. With their lovely colors and texture, we used jelly beans as our base material with which to work, which, in all honesty was a little challenging given their sweet goodness. Keep an almost 3 year old from popping a few in his mouth and I will send you a medal!

Montessori Easter ActivityI purchased these sweet little pots in the dollar section at Target. So I grabbed a tray, a pair of small tongs (or tweezers would work really well) and a bag of jelly beans. Voila. Great for fine motor skill development.

Montessori Easter ActivityThis one is a very simple pattern recognition, an important developmental skill for preschoolers, exercise.  I grabbed a piece of yellow card stock and markers to match the jelly bean colors.

Montessori Easter ActivityI first showed my son and then worked with him on creating and recognizing the patterns.

Montessori Easter ActivitySimple color sorting exercise using the jelly beans and an egg carton.

Montessori Easter ActivityA simple counting exercise.

Montessori Easter ActivityThe jelly beans made it a bit tricky because they liked to roll. I suggest using contact paper or a tray with indents for the beans.

Montessori Easter ActivityOf course many jelly beans after being “tonged”, sorted, counted and poured ended up on our work blanket.

Montessori Easter Activity What I noticed with this organic twist in the exercise is how great the act of picking up the beans, one by one, is for the pincer grip.

Thanks for stopping by my sweet, little blog! I hope we inspired you today! Happy Easter!


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